Adding a Contract via the User Interface

From here, Gatekeeper will guide you through the step by step process of adding a contract. 

This article assumes you have administrator rights to add new data. 

Step 1 - Adding the core Contract Data

For this step the following mandatory data is added:

  • Title: the title of the contract (succinct, yet informative)
  • Currency: select from all pre-configured currencies (for add & managing currencies please see this article
  • Status: Pipeline, Live or Archive
  • Category: select from all available or add new in-line
  • Team: select from all available or add new in-line
  • Supplier: select from all available or add new in-line
  • Annual Value: the expected annual value of the contract
  • Contract Type: select from all available or add new in-line
  • Entity: select from all available or add new in-line

In addition, there are two non-mandatory fields that can be populated should you wish to decorate the record with additional relevant information:

  • Internal Reference
  • Description 

Note: if you have already set up some Custom Data Fields, they will be made available to you to populate at this stage. 

Once this data has been created, you can select Save & Exit to create the record and move on to another task, or Save & Next to decorate the record further.

Step 2 - Decorating the Contract Record

As you create the record, or at any point, you can choose to decorate the contract record with further information.

Contract Dates

  • Select a Start Date
  • Choose an End Date or an Evergreen status
  • Choose a Notice Period date or Notice Days

By then selecting Save & Next you move through to Renewal.


Contracts can be auto-archived and the owner notified ahead of the date, if required.

RAG Status

Apply a Red, Amber, or Green status to the contract and add a description to explain the rationale behind the decision. 


A Contract can have both internal and external owners and these can be added and maintained here.

Linked Contracts

The final tab allows you to link the Contract record you have just created to an existing Contract record within Gatekeeper. For example, a Master Services Agreement may be linked to one of many Statements of Work. 

Step 3 - Add Custom Data

If you have a requirement to decorate your Contract records with some custom data, specific to your use case and business, then read our article on how easy that is to set up.