Create Contracts Using AI Extract™

This article walks you through the steps of contract record creation using our AI Extract™ feature.

If you haven't already enabled the AI Extract™ feature, click here to get started. Once enabled, you'll see the AI Extract menu option within the left side navigation panel. 


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How do I upload a document to AI Extract™?

To add a document for analysis, click AI Extract™ from the left side navigation panel and utilize the green ADD button to select the File option. 


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From the corresponding pop up, select Choose File and upload the relevant document saved on your computer before clicking the green Create button. 


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Select one file at a time for upload and ensure that the file type is PDF, PNG or JPEG.


Once uploaded, the document will automatically go through three stages of the AI Extract™ process before the contract record can be verified and created:

1. AI Received

2. AI Captured

3. AI Analysed


It will take a few minutes for the system to receive the document, capture the plain text, and then analyse all content to extract key metadata items. For each uploaded file, you'll receive an email confirmation letting you know once the analysis is complete.  


When the AI Extraction process is complete you can click on the document and view the extracted text using these controls:

This is very useful for troubleshooting any missing values particularly if the scan quality of the document was poor. Any values not in these extracted files will need to be entered manually.


How do I create a contract record using AI Extract™?

Once the document has reached the AI Analysed stage, the extracted data can be verified after clicking on the Create Contract link. This option is also available when clicking directly on the file name, along with a detailed record of the extraction and downloadable plain text file version. 

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The extracted contract metadata can then be compared against the document and existing field list values when applicable, with the option to add new values inline as needed. 


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On the left side of the screen, you'll see a copy of your uploaded document, with extracted metadata available for comparison alongside. On the right side of the screen, there is a 'Create Contract' area that allows for confirmation or update of the extracted details. 


Ensure that all mandatory contract metadata fields have been extracted correctly from the uploaded document or entered manually in the Create Contract column before clicking the green Create Contract button at the bottom of the page. To streamline this process in the future, be sure to utilise AI Train™ for Entity and Contract Type. To find out more about AI Train™, click here

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After clicking Create Contract, the system will automatically create a Contract record using the extracted metadata and navigate to the corresponding record within the Contract's repository. The contract document will also be directly attached to the record and viewable from the Files menu. 

The file will be assigned the [Master Record] label, this is to signify that it was this specific file that went through AI Extract™ and was used to create the original Contract Record.


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How do I cancel or save a draft of the extracted metadata?

At the Create Contract stage, you'll have the option to click Cancel, which leaves the file in the AI Analysed stage or you can select Save as Draft to come back to it later. 

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Any saved drafts will be available to edit from the Draft menu option whenever you're ready to continue the process. 


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Where do I find a record of documents that have gone through AI Extract™?

After the contract record has been created, key information will be accessible from the AI Extracted menu option. 


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If you require further assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or engage our Global Support Team.