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Configuring Dropdown Lists

There are several areas within the interface that have configurable dropdowns. These include: Contract Type, Supplier Type, Event Type, Track Type, Project Type, Form Type, and Document Type. All of these lists can be configured from the Dropdown Lists section. 

To find the Dropdown Lists area, please see our article called Configuration: The Fundamentals. This article will pick up from inside the Dropdown Lists section. You must be an Administrator with access to Settings to access the Configuration options.

Adding dropdown list options

There are two ways to add items to dropdown lists. One takes place from within the Configuration

Adding list items from within Configuration

Start by choosing the list that you want to configure. For the sake of this example, I’ll choose the Contract Type list found at the top of the page.


On the next screen, choose the green Add button then Add Dropdown Option.


On the next screen, type the list option you need into the Label box and then click the green Save button. 


Upon saving, you’ll be taken back to the previous screen, and you should see your new Label in the list of labels for that particular dropdown list. Below you can see that I now have NDA as a list item.


Adding list items from within a dropdown menu

New list items can also be added directly from within the UI by using the Add New link found in most of the dropdowns. The exception to this is the Document Type dropdown, which does not currently support Add New from within the direct interface. You must also have Administrator rights with access to Settings in order to use this feature.

When choosing an item from a dropdown menu, click the ‘add new’ link to start adding a new list item.

A pop-up will appear where you can enter the new list item. After doing so, click Save

Upon saving, the new item will be added to the list, and will automatically be selected as chosen option for the record you were updating.

Editing list items

You can edit list items by clicking on the ellipsis (3dots) to the right of the label and click on Edit


On the next page, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to proceed. Click Yes to be taken to the next screen.


The following screen will look similar to the screen when you originally created the label. Change the label name and click Save to save your changes.

Deleting list items

To delete a list item, click the ellipsis (3dots) to the right of the label and click on delete. You cannot delete list items that are in use.


If the label is in use, the next screen will tell you which records are using the label. From here, you can click on the record and remove the Label from where it is being used, or you can cancel.


Once the label has been removed from all records, you can then delete the label.

If there is a label is lacking an  ellipsis (3 dots), that means the label cannot be altered or deleted.