Configuring the Supplier Portal

Enable the Supplier Portal

  1. Click Modules in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen to expand the Module Settings menu

  2. Click Supplier Portal link
  3. Click the toggle button under the SUPPLIER PORTAL field within the Supplier Portal Configuration module to enable the Supplier Portal.

  4. You will see the below message appear at the top of the screen when the supplier portal has been enabled.


Access the Supplier Portal

Within the Supplier Portal Configuration section you will see a link. This URL will redirect Supplier Portal Users to the Supplier Portal when they enter this address into their web browser.



Add an Administrator

Grant an internal GK user Administrator rights to the Supplier Portal. This will grant the user access to the Vendor Portal Settings module.

NOTE: Only Global Collaborators and Global Administrators can be selected to be Supplier Portal Administrators

  1. Select the green Add button in the top right and select Administrator

  2. The Add Vendor Portal Administrator will pop up. From the Admin field select your desired Admin from the dropdown list. You have the ability to grant as many internal users as you wish Administration rights to the Vendor Portal, repeat this process to do so.

  3. Once you have granted a user Administrator rights to the Vendor Portal you will see them listed under the Vendor Portal Administrators section towards the bottom of the Vendor Portal Settings module. Select the garbage bin icon if you wish to revoke a user's administrator privileges.

    vendor portal users


Edit the Name of the Vendor Portal

You may wish to edit the name of the Vendor Portal to something that is more relevant to its use case within your organisation i.e. You may wish to rename the Vendor Portal to Supplier Portal.

  1. Click the Settings link on the Navigation Module to expand the settings menu and then select Configuration to open to the Configuration Module.

    Gatekeeper 2020-01-16 15-21-05
  2. Click the Navigation link to open the module to configure Navigation.

  3. Within the Navigation, section click the Pencil against the Supplier field.

  4. Enter your desired edit in the input box and then click the green Save button to confirm the changes.

  5. The changes you have made will appear as pictured below both within the internal version of GK and the Vendor Portal.