Contract Data - Bulk Import & Export

Bulk Importing Contracts

Getting your Contract data into Gatekeeper efficiently and in bulk is simple. From the Contract List view you select the Universal Add Button and then the Bulk Import option:

This will direct you to a section of Gatekeeper dedicated to managing your import. Here you can:

  • View comprehensive import instructions dynamically tailored to your dataset
  • Download a copy of your import template
  • Download a copy of your existing data to update it and re-import
  • Then, when ready, browse and select the file you wish to import

Gatekeeper 2019-09-09 12-01-29

Furthermore, towards the end of the page you can view the 'Field by field import rules':

Gatekeeper 2019-09-09 12-05-56

In-built, Gatekeeper has some fundamental controls available by default within all bulk import routines:

  • Each contract is assigned a unique Gatekeeper Contract ID, this allows for data to be exported, updated and merged back in enabling the mass update of Contract data.
  • The import routines, instructions and templates are all dynamically updated with any Custom Data you create against a contract
  • Detailed error handling to walk users through the process of correcting their date if and when required. 

If you would like further support on getting your Contract Data into Gatekeeper then please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team via the Live Chat option within your Gatekeeper tenant.

Bulk Exporting Contracts

Exporting your Contract data from Gatekeeper as a CSV file is very simple.

  • By default, Gatekeeper applies a Status filter of Pipeline & Live and this sets the pages that can be exported. If you want to change this, please update the Status filter in the upper left area of the page, as required. The options are: Pipeline & Live, Pipeline, Live, Archived or All.
  • If required, apply 'Sticky Filters' and / or 'Configure columns' to prepare date before export.
  • Click 'Export' in the lower right area of the page, choosing from the following options:
    • CSV | All Pages - This exports all data from all pages and ignores any Filtering and Column configuration 
    • CSV | Current Page - This exports data from the current page and ignores any Filtering and Column configuration. Note. the you can edit the number of Rows on a page from 10 - 50.
    • CSV | This View | All Pages - This exports data from all pages using the current Filtering and Column configuration
    • CSV | This View | Current Page - This exports data from the current page using the current Filtering and Column configuration

Gatekeeper 2019-09-09 12-11-04