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Free Resources for ALL businesses

We're working hard to support all businesses at this time and have put together some dedicated resources to help everyone manage their contracts. 

Gatekeeper's Free Resources

1. Three key steps to manage your contracts under COVID-19

(Article - 8-minute read, published 19/3/2020)

Some straightforward advice on how to best manage contracts with a remote workforce and under C19 constraints.

2. Free eBook - A Step-by-Step Contract Management Response to COVID-19 (Download Now)

This pandemic has been a big wake-up call for businesses lacking a robust plan for managing their contracts through the crisis. Our new free ebook provides a step-by-step guide to 11 critical contract activities that need to be carried out as well as providing links to 5 supporting Excel templates. 


3. Simple Template for capturing key contract information (Free Excel Download)

Download this free Excel template designed especially to help you capture relevant information such as contract value, clause language including Force Majeure and Termination.

4. Our 38 Page Contract Management Guide (Free eBook Download)

Covering all aspects of the Contract Management Lifecycle including contract risk

5. Tips for Successful Remote Working

The Gatekeeper Team has been fully remote for 8 years and we have a great understanding of how to make the most of remote working and maximise your team's productivity.  Read our article, packed full of top tips

6. A range of relevant articles from our blog archive