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Configuring Owners

You may need to add different Owner types to your Contracts, such as IT Owner, Legal Owner, or Account Manager. You can do this within the Owners section of the Gatekeeper interface.

To find the Owners area, please see our article called Configuration: The Fundamentals. This article will pick up from inside the Owners section. You must be an Administrator with access to Settings to access the Configuration options.

Adding owners

Start by choosing the green Add button then Add Owner.


On the next screen, add a Title and click Save.

Editing owners

To edit the name of an Owner, click the ellipsis (3 dots) next to the name you’d like to change.


On the following screen, change the Owner title, and click Save.


Deleting owners

To delete an Owner type, click delete next to the owner type that you’d like to delete.


If you are deleting an Owner type that has been filled for any contract, you’ll be presented with a dialogue box informing you that any related Users will be disconnected from associated Contracts and that the action cannot be undone. Click OK to confirm the delete process to finish deleting the Owner type.