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Dealing with Leavers & Movers (Archiving Users)

For background please read How to - User Management.

Why Archive & Not Delete? 

Have a user that no longer needs access to Gatekeeper because they have left or moved within the organisation? Instead of deleting a user, you can Archive their account. Archiving a user's account will prevent the account from being used, but it will preserve that user's history of activity.

Who can Archive a User?

Administrators who have additional User Administration permissions.

Click here for further information on User Management Definitions

How to Archive a User?

  1. Go to Settings > Users.
  2. Click the name of the user account you will be archiving.

3. On the User Details Page, reassign any objects that the user owns.
Note: A user can NOT be Archived if it is the owner of an object.

4. Click Archive, to archive the user (this button will only expose if the User does not own an object).

5. You have successfully archived the User. Preventing the account from being used, but preserving the user's history of activity.

Need to restore a user? Simply open the User's
User Detail Page and click 'Restore'.

How do I see who I have Archived?

Sift through your User Management Directory (Settings > Users) using the User Life cycle drop-down.