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COVID-19 | How we can help | Chapter 2 | Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

We hope you are keeping safe and managing to get into some form of routine working from home. 

This crisis is demanding so much of us in all areas of our lives including business. This is particularly difficult for those of us with children who now have the responsibility of home-schooling at very little notice. 

In addition to this, crucial C19 response workstreams are required, unplanned and often urgent. 

Our customers have asked us for help in quickly and efficiently locating the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for their critical third parties. 

There are a number of ways we can support you to streamline this request process and provide a full audit trail in Gatekeeper:

Securing Third-Party BCP Plans with Events (Included in all Plans)

Gatekeeper Events are a flexible way of storing one-off or repeating tasks and obligations within Gatekeeper. 

Gatekeeper Events are fully integrated with our native Messaging System. This supports the assignment of Events to third party users with no access to Gatekeeper. 

These users receive an email which they simply respond to with any related files. The response is automatically associated with the corresponding Third Party record.

Here is how it works:

Securing Third-Party BCP Plans with Help Desk (Included in all Plans)

Gatekeeper HelpDesk is a flexible way to manage any inbound requests via email. 

Simply locate the unique Help Desk email address assigned in Gatekeeper and share this with your team and third party contacts (you can also map an internal address like bcp@yourdomain.com). 

The team and Third Party users can send the BCP Plan via email and this can be linked with the correct Third Party record in Gatekeeper. 

Here is how it works:  

Other ways we can help 

The entire team at Gatekeeper is here to support you during these unique and worrying times. 

If there are any other ways we can help, please just let us know.