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Messages can be sent against records within Contacts, Projects and Suppliers. They are a great way to collaborate, provide visibility and to record information within Gatekeeper. Messages and Message history can also be extremely useful for audit purposes. Files can be attached to messages as well, so that everything is in one place. You can start a new message thread, or add a message comment against an existing thread, and even include users that do not have access to Gatekeeper on the thread.

This article intends to walk you through:

  1. Sending internal and external messages via Gatekeeper
  2. Sending messages with an attachment via Gatekeeper
  3. Receiving messages from Gatekeeper that have an attachment
  4. Gatekeeper notifications related to messages

In this article, we are going to walk you through using the Gatekeeper messaging function against a Supplier record. The same process we are about to walk you through can be used to post messages against Gatekeeper Contract and Project records.

To get started, select ‘Suppliers’ from the navigation menu on the far left of the screen.

Select the Supplier record that you would like to create a message against, and then click the green ‘Add’ button that is featured on the right-hand side of the screen.

Select ‘Message’ from the drop down menu that appears.

You will now be presented with the below 'New Message' form. Enter your desired subject in the 'Subject' field and then type your intended message.

To Send an Internal Message, individually select your desired recipient(s) from the Internal Recipients list as pictured below.

If you would like to send the message to all Internal Recipients listed select the checkbox next to 'Internal Recipients' to select all.

To Send a Message to External Recipients, select a recipient from the Supplier Users (Link to Supplier Users Article) list as pictured below. We are sending a message against the 'Alexander Mann Solutions' dummy supplier record in this example.

If you would like to send the message to all External Recipients, select the checkbox next to the name of the Supplier i.e. 'Alexander Mann Solutions' to select all external recipients listed under this supplier.

If desired, it is possible to send the same message to both internal and external recipients simultaneously.

When replying to a message it is important to remember that in order to add recipients to the message chain, you must reply to the message from within Gatekeeper. To add additional recipients, first open the message chain within Gatekeeper, and select 'Change' as outlined below. This will allow you to select additional recipients to the message chain.

Gatekeeper - Google Chrome 2019-05-28 12.29.46


If you do not want to send the message via email and wish to post the message solely to Gatekeeper, select the 'Don’t email anyone, just post the message to Gatekeeper' option. An example use case would be if you wanted to store notes from a meeting and an email notification is not required as your recipients were in attendance.

Adding an Attachment to a Gatekeeper Message

Once you have entered your message and selected its recipients it is time to decide whether or not you wish to include an attachment to your message. You are able to add an attachment directly from your Local Machine, Gatekeeper File Library or Google Drive.

Adding an attachment directly from your PC

Click the 'Upload' link to directly add an attachment from your PC. Once you click this link the file explorer software native to your Operating System will pop up and prompt you to select the attachment you wish to add. Select your desired attachment to add it to the message.

It is important to note, that any files attached to a message using this method will automatically populate the associated supplier or contract record with the file.

Below is an example of what most Windows users will see when adding an attachment directly from their PC.

Adding an attachment from your Gatekeeper File Library

It is important to note, that any files attached to a message using this method will not populate the associated supplier or contract record with the file.

Click the 'File Library' link to attach a file that has already been uploaded against the Supplier record you are currently accessing within Gatekeeper.

A small window entitled 'File Library' will pop up listing the files you have uploaded against the supplier record you are currently accessing.

Select the checkbox of the file(s) you would to attach and then click

to confirm your selection.

Your file is now attached.

Please refer to the Add Documents, Files & File Links Knowledge Base article for further information on uploading documents and files to Gatekeeper.

Adding an attachment from Google Drive

Click the 'Google Drive' link if you wish to add an attachment directly from your Google Drive.

It is important to note, that any files attached to a message using this method will automatically populate the associated supplier or contract record with the file.

If this is your first time adding an attachment from Google Drive you will be presented with the below message.

Click 'Yes, connect my Google account'.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to login to your Google account, enter your login credentials and then select 'Allow' on the below security prompt to connect your Google Drive with Gatekeeper.

If you click the 'Google Drive' link once more you will now have the ability to select an attachment directly from your Google Drive as pictured below.

You have just composed a message, selected recipients and attached a file. Now it is time to finalize your message. Click the 'Post Message' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to post the message to your chosen Supplier Record within Gatekeeper and to also send the message via email to selected recipients if you have chosen to do so.

Once you have sent your message your recipients will receive an email similar to the one pictured below.

An attachment link will feature below the email message you have sent if you have added an attachment. The recipient can click the attachment link to download the file directly.

The recipient will be directed to Gatekeeper or their respective Employee/Vendor portal when they click the 'view this in Gatekeeper where they can view their Gatekeeper message history (providing you have enabled the Employee and/or Vendor portal).

Any user with direct access to Gatekeeper, including the Supplier and Employee Portals will also be notified within the application when a new message or a reply to a previous message has been received as shown below: