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Role-Based Access Groups (RBAC)

For background please read the User Management guide.

What are Role-Based Access Groups (RBAC)?

Access groups enable the provisioning of user access to be administered at an access group level rather than at an individual user level in a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) way.

Essentially, access groups are created which provision access to Entities and/or Categories and/or Teams and/or Suppliers which in turn, provision access to the Contracts that are linked to them.

Benefits of RBAC

There are many documented benefits of RBAC, but the main ones that apply to Gatekeeper are:

1, Users can be provisioned with only the access they need and nothing else.

2, System administrators can manage access groups to administer user access, enabling them to manage many users in a scalable way.

How can I use access groups?

Access Groups are a feature bundled into our Enterprise Plan. To enable access groups, simply switch on the feature within Configuration.

I'm not an Enterprise Customer, can i still use Access Groups?

Yes. Feel free to enable access groups and try it out for a month. If you decide it's adding value and you'd like to keep the feature, we'll be happy to discuss how we can make this happen.

How do I create an Access Group?

To create access groups, please see our guide