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Welcome to the COVID-19 Resource Centre

Our aim with this area is to support Gatekeeper customers and the wider business community during this crisis with a range of initiatives. All COVID-19 services will be provided free of charge until we get through this together.

The links below include information, tutorials and videos to support you. If there are any other ways we can help, please get in touch today.

Gatekeeper Customers 

Please see our full listing of articles for all information relating to COVID-19.

How we can help | Chapter 1 

Subjects covered:

  • eSign - unlimited and free on all plans 
  • Risk Module - Configuration and access free of charge 
  • Remote Working - tips from a remote first company  

How we can help | Chapter 2

Subjects covered:

Securing Third-Party Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

  • Using Events
  • Using Help Desk

Related videos:

  • Securing Third-Party BCP with Events
  • Securing Third-Party BCP with Help Desk

[Webinar] Gatekeeper eSign

We ran our customer webinar on the 26th March 2020. You can view a full recording of the event here, along with the Q&A. 

Gatekeeper eSign Webinar March 2020

Related Videos:

[Webinar] Business Continuity Planning with Gatekeeper 

This webinar is from April 2020 and covers how to automate the process of gathering, sharing and storing your vendors' Business Continuity Plans (BCP) using Gatekeeper. 



Contract Visibility - April Product Release

Our April Product Release was focused on making it incredibly straightforward for customers to check, review and organise their contract documents.

Watch our release video now: