How to Add Help Text to Workflow Forms

This article explains how to add Help Text such as Descriptions and Tooltips to Workflow Forms and how they will appear to form submitters

This article assumes that you have set up a form within a workflow. If you are not yet familiar with setting up workflow forms please see: Setting up a Form within a Workflow.

There are 4 types of Help Text that you can add to your form's Sections and Fields.

  1. Labels
  2. Descriptions
  3. Tooltips
  4. Tooltip Links

All of these can be configured by going into the Form tab within the Edit Phase screen and selecting the edit icon on either the Section or the Field.


1. Labels

Form Sections automatically use the Section Name as the Label, but Form Fields can have edited labels. By default these will correspond to the name of the field within the repository, but these can be changed to add a different label to be seen by form submitters.

Edit Field Label

Labels appear on the form above the input box as shown below.

Field Labels as displayed on a form


2. Descriptions

These are available for both Form Sections and Form Fields. It is possible to add up to 2,000 characters into a description.

It is also possible to add a description to the whole form, using the Core Data tab.

Descriptions are always visible on forms and appear with a yellow background for sections, and a grey background for fields.

For fields they will appear between the Label and the Input box.


3. Tooltip Text

Tooltips are only available for Fields.

Tooltips appear as a blue icon just before the label. When the form submitter hovers over the icon then the text entered will display as shown below.

4. Tooltip Link

It is possible to add a link into the tooltip. A link entered will appear after any tooltip text entered. The link is displayed to the form submitter using the link text box, without any link text entered, the link will not appear in the tooltip.