An Example - Contract Approval Form (CAF)

Let’s consider an example where a CAF consists of a form that has two main sections:

  • Section A- Supplier / Contract details
  • Section B- Approval details

The person requesting the contract completes section A and emails it to the approver. 

The approver reviews it and approves or rejects the request (record their decision on the form). 

If approved, the form is sent on to the relevant team(s) to setup the Supplier.

All of this data is typically hidden within emails or in folders leading to question like “where are we with that new Hardware supplier request”.

In the Gatekeeper Workflows Engine this form based process can be fully digitised and automated. When looking at the workflow, you can instantly see where the request is in the CAF process and all the data is centrally stored and accessible.

Scenario: Pipeline request (not submitted yet):

Scenario: Request is being reviewed:

Scenario: Request has been approved and is being set up: