Branding your Tenant

Branding is an Enterprise feature, if you are interested in branding your tenant and you are not an Enterprise client then please reach out to a Gatekeeper representative

Here at Gatekeeper we are aware that change can be challenging for some users, so to provide some familiarity to them we allow you to brand your Tenant with your own colour scheme and logos as we have found that this helps with user adoption.

This article is intended to highlight the areas you can influence within the main application and the Employee/Vendor Portals. The changes need to be implemented by a Gatekeeper specialist but under your direction.

By providing the Gatekeeper specialist with your HEX colour codes they can ensure that your tenant will match your colour scheme. If you are unsure what a HEX code is don't panic just point the specialist to your website and they can do the rest.

Main Menu

The main menu within the Main application, Employee and Supplier/Vendor/Counterparty can be configured to use the same branding or can be different as they are branded independently. This means the main menu within the Main application could have a different colour scheme to the portals, see below.

  1. Application Logo
  2. Main menu active text
  3. Main menu border colour
  4. Main menu background colour
  5. Main menu text colour

Main Application

main app

Supplier/Vendor/Counterparty Portal


Employee Portal


Responsive Logo

If the screen is minimized or the user is viewing the application on a smaller screen such as a tablet than the application is responsive and can use a different logo which is more suitable to that screen size. Similar to the main menu, the logo is also configurable in the portals and can be the same or independent, an example is shown below


Employee & Supplier/Vendor/Counterparty Portal

There are some areas in the application that are specific to the portals such as the login screen. Again the employee and supplier/vendor/counterparty portals can use the same branding or be different

Below details the areas you can influence

Login Screen

  1. Portal application logo
  2. Portal header text colour
  3. Portal header colour
  4. Portal welcome message
  5. Portal content colour
  6. Portal Sign In and Sign Out buttons colour
  7. Portal main area colour
  8. Portal footer colour
  9. Portal Register button colour (This is only for the Supplier/Vendor/Counterparty Portal)

Employee Portal Login Screen


Supplier/Vendor/Counterparty Portal Login Screen


Report Logo's

The last area that can be influenced with regards to branding in Gatekeeper is the Logo that displays on reports (shown below). Obviously these can be the same as the logo in the main application, however the flexibility is there to use a different image if you choose