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Collaborating with Gatekeeper


As we talk about the above, collaboration is crucial to good Supplier and Contract Management. Gatekeeper provides a number of functions to support great communication and collaboration. These are summarised below but please read our more detailed articles on collaboration with Gatekeeper.


Events in Gatekeeper allow you to automate communication with your Gatekeeper community. Provide them with timely reminders for Contract reviews or Supplier assessments and let Gatekeeper inform and remind them. Add Approvals to the process to create effective Workflows.


Messages are an easy way of recording information in Gatekeeper against a Contract or Supplier. You can create a message against an Action or directly against a Contract. You can attach files to messages as well, so that everything is in one place. You can start a new message thread, or add a message comment against an existing thread and even include users that do not have access to Gatekeeper on the thread.


Gatekeeper allows you to add and store Files against contracts that can be be viewed and shared with your collaborators. Files attached to Messages are also automatically included within this area. Read more here.


Projects can be created in Gatekeeper to allow you to manage through new requirements associated with your Supplier and Contract Management. Much like Contracts you can assign Events, add Messages, upload Files as well as other controls to help manage a successful delivery.

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