Gatekeeper API

This article provides an overview of API and describes the steps for accessing relevant documentation within Gatekeeper.

API Overview

The API is available to Enterprise customers and uses the RESTful (Representational State Transfer) and JSON:API specification. JSON:API is a specification for how a client should request that resources be fetched or modified, and how a server should respond to those requests.

JSON:API is designed to minimise both the number of requests and the amount of data transmitted between clients and servers. This efficiency is achieved without compromising readability, flexibility, or discoverability.

Any custom data configured within Gatekeeper is also supported within the API. The API and related documentation are fully dynamic adapting to any changes in custom data that are implemented within the Configuration area. 

Gatekeeper API Documentation

The API documentation is specific to each Gatekeeper tenant and can be found by simply appending your tenant URL with "/api_docs" just after the four-digit tenant number (e.g. '1234' in the example below). Note that this number is different for each Gatekeeper customer instance. 

Introduction – API Documentation 2020-02-12 15-15-24

You will be presented with the below page which details your unique API Key and a full list of functions against each object with examples to get you started. 

Introduction – API Documentation 2020-02-12 15-25-39

Note that integration should only be attempted by appropriately trained technical resources. Any technical support required should be submitted via a ticket within the Gatekeeper support system.