Configuring Currencies

This article is about currency configuration in Gatekeeper, including Reporting Currency setup & modification.

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In this article:

  1. Why are Currencies Important?
  2. Where to Edit Currencies in Gatekeeper
  3. Choosing Your Reporting Currency
  4. Configuring Your Currencies
  5. Editing Existing Currencies

Why are Currencies Important?

You may have contracts with Suppliers/Vendors in currencies outside of your native coin. Currency Management is the area of the Gatekeeper interface where you can configure your Reporting Currency, all other available contract currencies, and exchange rates that can be manually set.

Once the data is configured to meet your business needs, Gatekeeper offers powerful reporting across all of your contract values in your native currency to make your life easier. 

Where to Edit Currencies in Gatekeeper

 To access and edit Currency information stored in Gatekeeper:

  1. First, locate and expand the "Settings" menu within your left side navigation panel
  2. Next, click on the "Configuration" menu option
  3. From the Configuration area, find and click the blue link for "Currency" in the upper left

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 12-57-29

Note: You must be an Administrator in Gatekeeper with Settings access to interact with the Configuration options described above.

Choosing Your Reporting Currency

When you first dive into the Currency section, you’ll see two subsections:

  • Your Reporting Currency
  • Your Currencies

Keep in mind that your screen may only have one currency listed under Your Currencies if no other currencies have been added to Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-14-30

Under Your Reporting Currency, any currency that you’ve configured can be chosen as the currency for displaying all your reports. Simply select the desired currency from the available dropdown menu and the system will start to report in that currency. Be sure to click "Save"!

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-19-27


Note: Prior to adding any currencies, you’ll only be able to see the one initially chosen to display for reporting when your Gatekeeper tenant was first created.

Configuring Your Currencies

To add new currencies under "Your Currencies", click the green ADD button and select Currency.

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-23-58

A new section will then appear at the bottom of your currency list where you can type and select the appropriate option. You’ll also enter the number of units of that currency per your native currency (aka. current exchange rate). 

Currency Configuration Example

To demonstrate, I’ll add the British Pound as a new currency. Just start typing the currency and a list will appear as shown below.

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-33-49

In most situations, your Finance Team will provide you with a spot exchange rate but for this example, I’ll use the rate provided today at - a permanent link to which you’ll see at the bottom of your currency list in Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-27-59

At the time of writing this, 1 Pound sterling is equivalent to 1.31 US Dollar so I’ll select "GBP: British Pound" from the list, and put 1.31 in the empty box to the right. After adding in your new currency, be sure to save it by clicking the green Check Box.

Editing Existing Currencies

You can Edit or even Delete your existing currencies by first clicking the pencil/paper icon next to the currency you’d like to edit.

Gatekeeper 2020-08-10 13-42-40

Doing this will allow you to change the spot rate as well. Just be sure to click the green Check Box to save your changes or the red trashcan to delete.

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