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Configuring eSign

This article describes the steps for configuring eSign Senders and eSign Authorised Signatories.


Note: Settings and Configuration options are accessible to users with Administrator access to Gatekeeper. 

In this Article:

Accessing eSign Configuration

To start configuring eSign, select Settings > Configuration

Then select eSign in the bottom right. 

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eSign User Types

You can add two types of eSign users:

  • eSign Senders: These users can initiate the eSign process. Selecting the Contract PDF to be signed and choosing the Internal and External Signatories. 
  • eSign Authorised Signatories: These users are authorised to sign Contracts. 

To add an eSign Sender, select Add > eSign Sender


Select the user from the dropdown list and click “Save”


To add an eSign Authorised Signatory, select Add > eSign Signatory

Select the internal user from the dropdown list and click “Save”

Tip: These permissions can also be granted when setting up a new Gatekeeper User within the Add New User screen. See How To - Add a User for more details.

Now that you've configured eSign Senders and Authorised Signatories learn more about initiating eSign from a Workflow or starting the process directly from a supplier/contract record