Configuring Workflow Transitions

For background please read Kanban Workflow Engine - An Introduction

What is a Workflow Transition?

Transitions define the processing path of the workflow, depending on conditions that are defined in each phase.

Who can Create a Workflow Transition?

Users with the following permissions can create a Workflow Transition:

How to Configure a Workflow Transition?

  1. Open Workflows.
  2. Click the Edit Configuration Icon on the Workflow Phase that you will be configuring a transition and select Edit this Phase from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Transitions from the Workflow Phase's Configuration Menu.

4. A workflow transition can be configured via Simple or Conditional logic.

How to Add a Transition via Simple Logic

Simple Logic:

  1. Select Simple.
  2. Select the phase you wish to route the Workflow Card to for each default transition you are presented with and click Save.

How to Add a Transition via Conditional Logic

For this example we will walk you through adding a transition to a Review Phase within a Contract Approval Workflow, Workflow Cards within this phase can be Approved or Rejected.

The following transition will be configured using Conditional Logic and route all approved cards that have an annual value exceeding $1M to the CEO Review phase.

  1. Select Conditional.
  2. Click Add Transition.

3. Name the Transition.

4. Click the Pencil Icon next to the Transition to Phase field to select what Phase the card will be routed to when the conditions are met. In this case we will be routing the card to the CEO Review Phase.

5. Set Transition Status to Live by selecting the Pencil Icon and selecting Live.

6. Click Add to add your first condition

7. The first condition that we will Add is for card approval. Select the following values from each respective field's drop-down menu:

Select a Field: Card Approval Status

Select an Operator: equal to

Select the Data: Approved

8. Click Create.

9. Now we will add our second condition to the transition, Contract Value. Select the following values from each respective field's drop-down menu:

Select a Field: Core Contract Data / Annual Value

Select an Operator: Greater Than

Select the Data: 1 000 000

Transition rules can only be used with an 'And' operator. However, we can have multiple layers of transition rules applied per phase.

So, the above transition rule would be set as;

Card Approval Status = Approved
Core Contract Data / Annual Value = >1,000,000

10. Click Create.

5. You have successfully added a Workflow Transition!

Note: Multiple transitions can be added to the one phase.