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Contract Request Form

When using the The eNegotiate & eSign Workflow Template it can be configured to allow employee access via a Public Form or the Employee Portal.

To configure access to the Contract Request Form or find your Public Form link, start by clicking on the 3 dots next to the Contract Request Form Workflow Phase and select ‘Edit this Phase’


Select the “Form Access’ tab on the right hand side


To create a Public Form choose the associate option as shown in the image. You will be presented with the Public Form link which you can share with Non-Gatekeeper users.


If you have the Employee Portal module you can choose this option and you will see your Public Form link, which you can share with non-employee portal users. You can also remove access via the Public Form link by unchecking the ‘Public Form’ box.

Contract Requesters will be presented with the Contract Request Form. This requests all the metadata required for a new contract and allows users to upload Associated Files e.g. Supplier Contracts or Supporting Documentation, to be used during the eNegotiate & eSign Workflow but only if the correct action has been enabled.