Contract & Supplier Quota Management

This article will cover how to reduce your contract record and supplier record count by utilising some key Gatekeeper features.


Method 1 - Utilising the Auto-Archive feature

A good example use case for the Auto-Archive feature is for NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements). When a Contract does not run in perpetuity, you can utilise the Auto-Archive feature to automatically set the record to Archived when the record surpasses its end date. So to summarise, this is best used for short term engagements and/or agreements that do not require renewal management

The Auto-Archive feature can be accessed from Contract > Data > Renewal > Edit > Auto-Archive.

Once you select edit, you will be presented with a couple of options:

  1. Auto-Archive On/Off - Simply tick the Auto-Archive option to turn this on
  2. An option to notify the Contract Owner X days prior to the End Date of the record in question. This will ensure that someone has a chance to review this agreement to ensure that they do actually require the record to be archived.

When ready, select Save & Exit to apply the changes.

Method 2 - Bulk Import/Export

When there is a large quantity of Contract Records or Supplier Records over quota, the best option is to use our simple Import/Export Process to update records to Archived as required. 

We have some great Knowledge Base Articles on these processes below:

Method 3 - Updating Individual Records

You can update Contract Records or Supplier Records manually through the user interface.

Step 1 is to select the appropriate repository (Contracts or Suppliers)

Once selected, you can navigate to the appropriate record and select the 'Edit' icon

Once selected, you can change the Status to 'Archived'