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πŸ›  Create your own - Contract Amendment Workflow

πŸ“– Learn how to create a safe and scalable contract amendment request process for your users


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      Estimated Read Time: 7 Minutes

        Estimated Configuration Time: 10 - 40 Minutes



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Introduction & Demonstration

Workflow Diagram


Walkthrough 🎬

Mandatory Configuration Steps

Additional Configuration Steps

Before you Start - Other Considerations

Getting Started - How to start using your new workflow

Additional Reading



The Workflow - Overview & Demo

This workflow can facilitate the allowing your users to request ad-hoc updates to contracts in you Gatekeeper respiratory (such as amendments, early extensions/renewals, or even terminations) 

With a workflow like this, you can create a structured process for requesting reviewing & executing these updates in Gatekeeper without having to give all your users administrator-level edit permissions!


Demo Video Coming Soon...


Workflow Diagram: XML / PDF




The Workflow - Configuration

To configure the whole process in one sitting, we will be recording walkthrough videos for you to follow along

In the meantime, you can follow the subsequent bullet points/videos which have been broken up into smaller steps....


Configuration Video Coming Soon...


Adding the Template

Step 1) Head to the Workflows page

Step 2) Hit Add > Workflow Template

Step 3) Select the Contract Amendment Request Template

Step 4) If necessary, amend the new workflow's Title

Step 5) Hit βœ… Create



πŸ›  Mandatory Configuration Steps πŸ› 

These are the basic steps required to make the workflow functional

Technically, once you complete this chapter, your new workflow will work as an end-to-end process

The ⬇️ Additional Configuration ⬇️ steps are optional additions to change the scope of the process & adapt the workflow further to fit your organisation's practices & Gatekeeper subscription 


Configuration Video Coming Soon...


Assign "Action" Owners

Step 1) Head to Metadata Update ⬆️ and hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form Access tab

Step 3) Select the User/Group who should perform the metadata update and hit βœ… Save

Step 4) Repeat Steps 1-3 for the eSign ✍️ phase

Recommendations for these actions

Metadata Update ⬆️

The main Workflow Group of Admins in your organisation

i.e. Users who oversee the repository and understand the agreements & data

eSign ✍️

Any user who is authorised & trained to use Gatekeeper eSign.

If you trust your Contract Owners, the Internal Owner &/or Card Creator could be used!

If not, we recommend a Workflow Group of Admins, like above



πŸ›  Additional Configuration Steps πŸ› 

This chapter will contain optional steps to amend the scope  or preconfigured settings of the workflow so that it works optimally for your organisation & users


Configuration Video Coming Soon...


Amend Workflow Description

When using this workflow in Employee Portal, your users will see a brief description within the request form on the Submit Requests dashboard:

Step 1) From the Workflows page, find your amendment workflow

Step 2) Click to Edit this Workflow

Step 3) In Description, enter a short summary to explain to your users what the workflow is for & hit βœ… Save

Example Text:

This request form can be used to request changes to one of your contracts such as <strong>extensions / terminations / variations to key terms & values</strong>


πŸ’‘ HTML tags can be used to amend the text formatting


Amend Approvers

The workflow default setting is to assign the initial Amendment Approval βœ… to the Team Owner of the requestor

However, you may want to change this owner or select a "backup" (in case Gatekeeper cannot find a Team Owner to assign)

Step 1) Head to Amendment Approval βœ… and hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form Access tab

Step 3) Under CARD OWNERS, assign a User/Group & hit βœ… Save

If you want this User/Group to serve as a backup, no more configuration updates are needed

If you want this User/Group to serve as the only approver;

Step 4) Change the AUTO-ASSIGN RULES to πŸ”˜None

Step 5) Hit βœ… Save



Add "Reject & Send Back" Option ↩️

By default, if the initial approver decides to reject the amendment request, this will transition the card to "Amendment Rejected ⛔️", ending the process for that request

However, rather than a rejection meaning "No", you may want to amend your workflow so it means "No, but you are welcome to try again"

Part 1 - Adding the New Phase

Step 1) Navigate to the right hand side of the workflow board

Step 2) Next to New Phase, hit ADD

Step 3) Name this phase "Review Rejection" (or similar)

Step 4) Reorder this phase to sit between the Amendment Request Form and the Initial Approval

Part 2 - Configuring the New Phase

See our below article for a complete guide on adding new phases

πŸ“– Adding Phases to a Workflow

Step 1) Populate a Description

Step 2) Set Form Access to Card Creator

Step 3) Enable the Notification to the Phase Owner

Step 4) Create 2 Conditional Transitions

1 - Standard Submission: Transition to Amendment Approval βœ… 

2 - SLA Expiry: Transition to Amendment Rejected ⛔️

Step 5) Set an SLA timer for 7 days


⬇️ Jump to the example content from this video ⬇️

Part 3 - Repoint the Reject transition

Step 1) Head to Amendment Approval βœ… and hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Transition tab

Step 3) For the ❌ IF REJECTED transition, change to the new Review Rejection phase

Step 4) Hit βœ… Update

See πŸ“– Resubmissions & Appeals for a full explanation of this use case


Disable the Public URL Request Form

If using the Authenticated Employee Portal Form to start the workflow, you may want to disable the Public Form (to prevent any users from finding & using the less secure of the 2 options)

Step 1) Navigate to the start phase of the workflow & hit Edit his Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form Access tab

Step 3) Uncheck the β˜‘️ Public Form option

Step 4) Hit βœ… Save



βœ‹ Before you start - Additional Configuration to Consider 🀚


If you have followed all the steps above, your workflow will be ready to go

However, to ensure this process runs as smoothly and reliably as possible, there are some other areas of your Gatekeeper environment you should check over!


Assign Team Owners

If you do not have Team Owners assigned, the Amendment Approval βœ… phase may not work as desired


Step 1) Head to the Teams menu

Step 2) Find any teams with no "Manager" populated & hit Edit

Step 3) Navigate to the Owners tab

Step 4) Select the Team Owner/Manager, then hit βœ… Save & Exit

Step 5) Repeat Steps 1 - 4 until all teams have an owner




Getting started! ⚑️


If using Employee Portal

Once your workflow is configured, it's ready to go!

Your users can access their Submit Requests dashboard and initiate an amendment request


If you want to share a link to this form directly with your users (so that they can Bookmark it or access it from a Confluence-type page), you can access it like so:


If using Public Form

This is the URL you can find on the Form Access tab of the  phase:



Additional Reading πŸ“š


How to Digitise your variation process

Learn more about the key feature behind this workflow


⚑️ Gatekeeper Expert - Resubmissions & Appeals

See a full walkthrough of the use-case behind the "Reject & Send Back" configuration option




Workflow Phase Content


Text for Phase Instructions πŸ“‹


Hit ⬆️ Update This Form to make amendments to your initial request, the βœ… Submit to send for re-approval

If you do not resubmit this form by the above SLA deadline, it will be automatically archived

NB. If you have any queries, you may reach out to your Team Owner or a member of the Contracts team by @-tagging them in a new thread via the Messages tab


Text for Notification Email βœ‰οΈ


Amendment Request Rejected βœ‹


Email Content

Your amendment request has been rejected


<strong>Contract:</strong> {{ card.name }}

<strong>Comments:</strong> {{ approval.reason }}


If desired, you can update and resubmit this amendment request via the below link<hr><i>If you do nothing by <strong>{{ enter_phase.sla_due_date }}</strong>, this form will be automatically archived</i>


Button Text

View Form πŸ“‹ 


⬆️ Jump back to config ⬆️