Creating a Workflow Group

Workflow groups are used for two things in Workflows:

  1. Notifications. Providing notifications to a phase, such that the users of a phase are auto-notified that the Card is now ready for them to progress.
  2. Authorisation. Providing authorisation to a phase, such that only the users in the workflow group can access the phase. For example to ‘approve’ within a process. 

Access the User Management area (here is the How to) and in the universal ‘add’ button select “Workflow Group”.

Enter the Workflow Group using a title and, if useful, enter an optional description and then hit ‘Save’.

Please note, the Workflow Group title will be used in Workflows when assigning Workflow groups to a Phase, so it is best to use a title that is short but meaningful.

That’s it. The next step is to add the relevant Users to the workflow group.

Adding Users to a Workflow Group 

If the required users are not already Gatekeeper users, then please add them (here are the How tos Single User | Import Bulk Users). 

Go to edit the user (here is the How to) that need adding to the workflow group and select the appropriate workflow groups that the user should be in. This is a multi-pick box so just select all the relevant workflow groups.