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Creating an eNegotiate and eSign Workflow using Templates

To get started with an eNegotiate & eSign Workflow Template select “Workflows” from the main navigation.

Click “Add” and select “Workflow Template”

Select "eNegotiate & eSign"
Note: Here you can also select eNegotiate to setup an eNegotiate workflow that only covers the eNegotiate process

Name the Workflow and click “Create”

You can configure the eNegotiate workflow to create contracts using:

  • eNegiotate Drafts: These are Contract Draft Templates created and pre-stored in Gatekeeper. The Contract Draft user/creator then selects a Template from a dropdown list when creating the Contract Draft. (Creating a Contract Template).
  • Associated Drafts: These are word doc files uploaded by the user in the request form or a in the 'Create Contract With Draft' phase. (E.G. Supplier Contract or Non-templated contract documents which are used to create a Contract Draft in place of an eNegotiate Template)
  • Or, both of the above.

Note: The default setting for the workflow is to use eNegotiate Drafts.

To change this to allow Associated Drafts files to be used click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the “Create Contract & Draft” phase of the workflow and select “Edit this Phase”

Select the “Actions” tab on the right handside.

Check the boxes of the actions you want to make available during your eNegotiate & eSign workflow and click “Save”

Note: Read more about 'Configuring Actions' here.

To allow Contract Requesters to add these external documents e.g. Supporting Documentation for this Contract Request or Supplier Contracts which are then used when creating the Contract Draft, click on the 3 dots next to the “Contract Request Form” and select “Edit this phase”

Select “Form” from the right handside

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Editable” Radio Button

Publishing Contract Drafts can be done in 2 ways: Uploading a Finalised Contract Draft in PDF format or Converting a MS Word Doc to PDF and Publishing within Gatekeeper.

You can configure which of these options to use in your workflow. Click on the 3 dots next to the “Publish Contract Draft” and select “Edit this phase”

Select 'Actions' from the right handside.

Check the 'Publish Contract Draft & Convert MS Word to PDF' Action.

You can also configure your Workflow to auto-transition the card into the eSign Phase once the Contract Draft has been published.

Select 'Transitions' from the right handside

Under 'IF DRAFT PUBLISHED' select 'eSign', when a Contract Draft is Converted to PDF and Published, it will then transition to the eSign Phase of the Workflow.