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Managing Business Continuity with Gatekeeper (April 2020)

Understanding your business’s risk exposure has never been more important than it is now in April 2020. 

Your vendor Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are a crucial component in assessing that risk and implementing effective mitigation measures. 

In this webinar we show how Gatekeeper automates the process of gathering, sharing and storing vendor BCPs. 

Specifically, we take attendees through:

  • An introduction to BCPs & why they are important
  • A demo of Public Intake Forms (available on all plans
  • A demo of the Vendor Portal (add-on module)
  • What do we do with a BCP once it’s collected?
  • Q & A 

Webinar Q & A

What if my vendor just emails me the document?

A: You can very quickly and easily upload this as a file against the vendor record, indicating the type of file and expiry date. You can then archive the workflow card.

Q: What do we do if our vendors don’t respond to our requests?

A: You can set a Service Level Agreement (eg. five days) within any phase of the Gatekeeper workflow engine. If the deadline passes without the document being received, a new notification can be triggered to request this information again and/or alert a Senior Manager to engage and mitigate this risk.

Q: I need to collect other vendor documents as well. Can I change the workflow or create separate workflows for this?

A: Yes, this webinar focused on one document specifically, but Gatekeeper workflows are configurable to collect any documents and information you require (certifications, insurance, etc) and you can use the same file expiry triggers to ensure the continued cycle of collecting the most up-to-date version.

Q: What if I don't have the Vendor Portal?

A: No problem, without the Vendor Portal the public intake forms are a fantastic way to gather this information. All customers have access to unlimited public forms. Additionally, those same triggers we saw in the webinar can be set to trigger an internal workflow to request that information from the vendor.

We've also created two further videos to demonstrate how to capture BCPs from vendors with Gatekeeper using Events and Help Desk (included on all plans):



Q: Reporting on RAG status is fine, but we would also need to report on some other key findings in the business continuity plan. Can that be done?

A: Yes, you can create custom data fields, similar to what we did for the BCP collection, to report on data such as the likelihood of a disaster affecting operations or the estimated impact it would have on your business. Custom data can be created in the configuration area and you can reach your CSM to help set this up.


If you'd like to schedule a tailored demonstration of the Vendor Portal, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or use our Support Request Form

As part of Gatekeeper's response to the pandemic, we've put together a range of resources to support all businesses in our COVID-19 Resource Centre. These include webinars, demo videos, articles and ebooks.