Configure your Contract & Vendor Views including Saved Views

Create a view of your data that's specifically customised to you, and save it for later!


Tailoring data views can help you customise your data to suit your specific needs and goals. By adjusting various data presentation settings, such as Configurable Columns, Filtering, and Saved Views, you can create a tailored view of your data that highlights the most relevant and important information.

Learning how to tailor your data views is a powerful tool that can help lead you to more effective decision-making and better outcomes.

Our Configurable Views feature allows you to:

  • Tailor list views around your data's exact requirements
  • Display as few or as many data fields as you like 
  • Change the order via an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • View any contract and vendor data at the list level  
  • Set β€˜sticky’ persistent views on a per-user basis 
  • Search & filter on all core and custom data fields
  • Export the specialised views you create 

Then just Save it for later!

In this article

Before beginning this journey of data accuracy, remember that if you create your view from the Contract list view, you can also include Vendor Data!

Configurable Columns

Configurable Columns allow you to optimise your data for maximum clarity and usefulness. Whether you're working with small or large datasets, configuring columns is a critical step in organising and presenting your data in a way that maximises its value and relevance.

Configurable Columns can be used in:

  • Vendors
  • Contracts
  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Categories
  • Entities
  • Files
  • Reports

Add Additional Columns

1. Within your chosen object, you can control the Configurable Columns by clicking on this icon:

2. Select the '+' icon next to each data section to view the associated fields. 

This includes all columns of data stored against Contracts (or Vendors if you are configuring your Vendor view), including both default data and any Custom Data you may have added.

If you are creating this view from the Contracts list view, you can also add in Vendor Data!

4. Select your required fields and then select βœ…Save to change the list view of data within the repository. 

In this example, we will just select Team, but build out your view with the data that's relevant for you.

Tip: If you have a lot of fields, try typing the field name into the Search Columns feature

Pro tip! You can utilise the 'Select All' from any data group to add all fields from that data group to your view. 

Need to reverse this? Simply select 'Deselect All'.

5. Select βœ…Save to save this view.

We can now see team data in the contract list view:

Reorder Columns

From the Selected Columns icon, we can also drag and drop each row so we can set the ordering of the list view.

Tip: The topmost fields under 'Selected Columns' will display from the left within your list view.

Create a view with both Contract & Supplier/Vendor Data

You can now create a single view that includes both your Contract & Vendor Data!

Simply open up your Contract List View, and select Configurable Columns to begin creating your Contract and Vendor List Views!


You can create a view of both Contract and Vendor data. This is only achievable through the Contract List View.

When viewing the Configurable Columns inside the Contract List View, Vendor Data will be marked with a '| Vendor'

Filtering results

Persistent Filters

Persistent filters allow you to quickly and easily access and analyze the specific data that is most relevant to your needs

Persistent Filters can only be applied to fields with the field type of 'Dropdown', 'Multiselect Dropdown', and 'Yes/No'.

Select the Persistent Filters icon

Selecting one or more fields allows you to choose the data you wish to filter, either by selecting from the drop-down presented or by typing your request into the value field.

The options in this overlay may vary depending on various dropdown fields within your tenant.

4. When you are happy with your filters, select βœ…Save

Remember, all views are sticky, so once set will be retained as the user logs out and back into Gatekeeper.

Reset my Filters to default

You can easily reset any filters you currently have applied by first opening the Persistent Filter option, then selecting Restore Default Selection

Quick Search Filters

We can also make use of the Quick Search option for fast results.

Just type the contract or vendor name into the box below, then hit enter to search!

Typing text here and hitting enter will create a filtered list of all records that match the inputted text.

Saved Views

Save time and effort with our Saved Views feature. Easily preserve your tailored views of data for quick and easy access, eliminating the need for recreating reports every time you need to analyze data. With Saved Views, you can streamline your workflow and focus on making informed decisions, instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks.


Once you have configured your data view, you will be presented with the option to 'Save This View'

'Save This View' will only become available when you have changed from the Default View.

E.g. By bringing a field into view that is not a part of the Default View.

By selecting 'Save This View', you will be brought to the following modal where you will be able to perform 2 options:

  • Save New View - Creates a brand new view
  • Select View to Update - Updates an existing view

The ability to save your own views is available within all table views of contracts or vendors. However, the Saved Views created for Vendor tables will be visible only within the Vendor repository and Contract Saved Views are only visible from the Contract Repository.

When creating or updating a new view, this will be accessible in the Saved Views area allowing you to quickly swap between your previously saved views at any time.

Your views are currently saved to your user, so the next time you log in, you will be able to swap between views with ease.

Loading a Saved View

To load a view, just select it from the saved view modal