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Gatekeeper eSign (March 2020)

This Webinar will walk you through eSign at a deep level via a recorded webinar.

More people than at any time in history are currently working from home, meaning that being able to sign documents electronically is vital. 

All Gatekeeper plans come with completely free, unlimited, integrated electronic signatures

To help our customers make the most of Gatekeeper eSign, Ryan and Austen from our Customer Success Team conducted a webinar on Thursday 26th March.

In it they covered:

  • An introduction to Gatekeeper eSign
  • How to enable and configure eSign
  • A full eSign process demonstration
  • Tracking capabilities and audit trail review
  • eSign Q & A

Webinar Q & A

Do you have to set up signers with a user account before you can add them as authorized signatories?

A: Internal signers within the organization will need to be added as users in Gatekeeper first before configuring eSign settings. Any external signers can be added easily inline during the eSign preparation steps and won’t need a Gatekeeper account.

Q: What if I have a signer from outside of our organization? Can they sign via email?

A: Yes, they can. They are simply added with their name and email address during the eSign preparation process and then they can receive and sign the document.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people that can be set to sign? We have some agreements that have up to 8 signatories?

A: There is no limit to the number of internal or external signers in Gatekeeper.

Q: It was mentioned during the webinar that "John" can sign on iPad - will he be able to sign via iPhone or another phone by drawing his signature?

A: Yes, any mobile device can be used including iPhone. It may be a bit small to read the actual document, but there is no restriction to signing on iPhone.

Q: Do you have any verification that this method of signing is legally binding / will hold up in court?

A: Please refer to https://www.gatekeeperhq.com/legality-of-electronic-signatures

Q: Who is allowed to edit documents/signers etc?

A: Administrator users in Gatekeeper are able to configure any senders and signers. To see more information about eSign setup, please refer to our related article

What happens if either of the signatories reject or want to edit terms in the document?

A: The redlining process is managed via our workflow engine using our eNegotiate feature. Please engage your CSM if you would like to understand more with a view to building out an eNegotiate with eSign workflow.

Q: Is there a way to format so external signers will know the request is from our company in the email notification?

A: Yes, the email 'From' (not the actual email address) can be set to your company name.

Can you add a jpeg of a person's actual signature?

A: Yes, you are able to upload a jpeg of your signature.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of signature senders?

A: No limits at all! You can have an unlimited number of Senders and an unlimited number of Signers

How much does eSign cost?

A: There is no additional cost for Gatekeeper customers to use Sign, it is included on all plans.

Is a Gatekeeper account needed to eSign a document?

A: A Gatekeeper account is needed for internal senders and signers however the signer don't have to actually use Gatekeeper e.g. VIP. External signatories are added as contacts to Gatekeeper but don't need a Gatekeeper account.

Q: Can I use Gatekeeper eSign for any document?

A: eSign is available for PDF documents. So if you have a word document, simply save as a .pdf, upload it to Gatekeeper and send it for eSign.

What happens when a signer declines to eSign a document?

A: If any signers decline to eSign a document, the designated sender in Gatekeeper is notified and can edit signatories and resend.

Can eSign be initiated via a Workflow?

A: Absolutely and many of our customers do exactly that. If you would like to leverage this, please engage with your Customer Success Manager.