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Creating your download link

 Google Drive

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Embedding your link

Expert: Download Links within Images


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There exist many sections within your Gatekeeper workflows where you can provide additional context & guidance for your users* while they perform various actions

*Users here can apply to both your Internal Users (Employees) and to your External Users (Vendors)


However, there may occur scenarios where key documentation needs to be provided which cannot be stored & presented by Gatekeeper

For Example

Providing a preview of your "MSA Standard Terms" Word Doc/PDF

Providing a "blank template RFP Form" Excel Sheet

Providing a PDF copy of your DPA/Terms of Service

Providing a copy of your signature delegation/authorisation matrix Excel Sheet

In such scenarios, you can use these same areas of Workflow Guidance Configuration to embed "instant-download" links so your users can easily access these documents & resources while completing their tasks in Gatekeeper





Creating your Download-Link  🔗


Google Drive/Docs

Step 1) Right-click your document in Google Drive & hit   Get Link

Step 2) Ensure the General Access is set to Anyone with the Link

Step 3) Hit Copy Link, then Done

Step 4) Paste this link somewhere you can obtain the document ID

Step 5) Extract this ID & paste it into the below url:

Standard URL:


URL for Google Documents like Docs/ Sheets/ Slides:

Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ID-HERE/export?format=xlsx

Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/ID-HERE/export?format=docx

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ID-HERE/export?format=pptx



Step 1) Alongside your file, go to the menu & hit Embed

Step 2) Copy the generated code and paste it somewhere you can cut/edit parts of the text

Step 3) Copy all of the quoted URL from the src="" section

Step 4) In this URL you have copied, replace the word "embed" with "download"

If this link will be presented to users outside your organisation, you should make sure the sharing permissions are updated to allow this:

Step 1) Hit Share alongside your document in OneDrive

Step 2) Ensure the access-settings are set to Anyone with the Link can view


Embedding your Link   


Form Fields

If you have a specific field in your workflow form where users may need to download a file for guidance (or even to fill out & re-attach to your workflow form) having this file instantly available can remove delays and frustration

Step 1) Go to the first phase of your workflow & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form tab

Step 3) Alongside the field where you want to to add your link, hit then to edit

Step 4) Paste your URL in the Link input box

Step 5) You can also add some guidance Text and Link Text so users know what the link will do

Step 6) Hit ✅ Save

We definitely recommend populating Link Text otherwise the full url will appear in the pop-up which isn't quite user-friendly


Form Section Descriptions

Step 1) Go to the first phase of your workflow & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form tab

Step 3) Alongside the Form Section Title & Visibility settings, hit the Edit icon

Step 4) Somewhere in the section description, highlight the text you wish to embed the link & hit the Link icon

Step 5) Enter the Download link you created & hit Link

Step 6) Check ☑️ Display Description & hit ✅ Save


Email Notifications

Step 1) Select a phase where you wish to embed a link & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Notifications tab

Step 3) Under Email Template for the enabled notification, hit the Edit icon

Step 4) Somewhere in the email Content section, include the below html snippet

<a href="Add the link here">Add text which your users will read here</a>

Step 5) Hit ✅ Update, then ✅ Save



⚡️Expert: Hyperlinked Images

In the above chapter for Email Notifications, we used text within an a-href html snippet to provide information to users about the link they are clicking

However you may prefer to use images to make your links more prevalent/visually pleasing

Step 1) Get the shareable URL for your image

Step 2) Navigate to the Email Template editor from the above steps

Step 3) Use the below html in your Notification Template

<a href="Download Link"><img src="Image Link" alt="Hover-over text"></a>

Where "Image Link" is...

File:Google "G" Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons Google Drive:


File:Microsoft logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons OneDrive:

Use the whole ⬆️ Embed snippet from above ⬆️ for your image file (but don't cut anything)



Examples for when to use this

The below gif shows an email to a supplier user where a procurement team's sign-off contains a key document around policies relevant to the supplier standards. But you may want to leverage this to provide materials for internal/external users in any of a few other scenarios, such as:

  • Embedding a Diagram image with downloadable version if people wish to see more detail
  • Creating a more obvious "button" for downloading the file
  • Adding your company Logos but with a functional underlying purpose




FAQ  💬


Q: Who can configure these?

A: In Gatekeeper, you will need to have Workflow Administrator permissions.

In OneDrive/Google Drive, you may need admin permissions to share files outside of your organisation

👋 If configuring these shareable download links for Vendor Users, make sure to check that no policies exist to prevent the sharing of OneDrive/Google Drive outside your organisation!


Q: Can this be used for Supplier Portal workflows?

A: Yes of course!

All of the above config steps (apart from Phase Descriptions) can be followed in the exact same manner to provide downloadable document links to your external parties

Of course you should make sure the download links are available to users outside your organisation - try testing as a dummy user (ideally in a different/incognito browser) to make sure it will work as expected




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