Gatekeeper on Zapier

How do I connect to Gatekeeper using Zapier?

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Accessing the Zapier Integration

Note: Before you can connect your Gatekeeper instance with Zapier, you will need to be signed up on Zapier.

You can access the Zapier integration from your Gatekeeper account. To do this, go to Configuration > Zapier.

Set up a Zap

Select your app

Search for and select the application you wish to connect Gatekeeper to.


Select the trigger or action for Gatekeeper and for the application you’ve selected, then click the "Connect Gatekeeper + your other app" button to proceed.


Almost there. You're only three steps away from finishing your connection set-up.


Connect your apps

Copy the API key from your Zapier settings page in Gatekeeper:


Paste your API key in the connection window and select your Gatekeeper region. 


  • Your Region can be found in your address bar.

Building your Zap

The remaining two steps depend entirely on the application you wish to connect Gatekeeper to.
Simply follow the steps provided by Zapier.

See our case study below for an example of a useful Zap.

Case Study

Gatekeeper <> Slack:

  • Send a Slack message to your team when a new draft Contract enters Gatekeeper

After connecting Gatekeeper to Zapier, I have built a trigger that will fire on the creation of any new Contract that is set to Pipeline and is Awaiting Approval.

This will fire the action to send a new message to a Slack Channel. I can pull in any core data or custom fields to help my team quickly get an overview of the contract that has just been created.

With the Zap turned on, all of this information is pulled in about the new contract and instantly sent to them over Slack, giving my team visibility on the tools that they use every day.