Global Search

This article describes the advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search & analysis capabilities within Gatekeeper.

What is Global Search?

This feature is available throughout Gatekeeper and provides you with the ability to search metadata, custom field values, and essential object names. In addition, the contents of your documents are also scanned by leveraging our advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and AI Extractβ„’. For more information about our AI Extractβ„’ functionality please click here

Where is Global Search?

The Global Search box is present along the top of your Gatekeeper instance next to our Support Centre.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-06-38

After typing in a search value and pressing enter on your keyboard, a pop-up window will appear to display all related results within Gatekeeper along with a confidence rating. 

A confidence rating is calculated using a range of factors and is designed to help deliver the most relevant results.


Gatekeeper 2020-01-03 10-28-24


Clicking directly on one of the returned links will navigate you to the associated record or file information. 

What is Included in Global Search?

Entering a term into the Global Search bar will scan the following areas of Gatekeeper:

  • Contract repository metadata and Custom Field values
  • Supplier repository metadata and Custom Field values
  • Record owners (e.g. Contract owner, Supplier owner)
  • All document text (using OCR)
  • All file names
  • File content type
  • Category names
  • Team names
  • Entity names


Global Search Tips

For the best search results, use complete search terms and avoid the use of slashes (e.g. in dates and URLs). 


If you require further assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or engage our Global Support Team.