How to - Customise User Invitations

Please read the How to - User Management article for background and instructions on how to access User Management within Gatekeeper.

Note: This function requires both of the additional permissions Configuration (to edit the invitation template) and Users (to invite Internal Users) to be enabled.

1. Go to Configuration > Navigation, Charts & Email

Select Configuration within settings and enter the navigation, charts and email section. 

2. Locate the User Invitation Message Area

This is where you create and set your template wording.

3. Invite Users

Head over to your users area and begin inviting users. Your invitation template will be populated in the message area. Individual invites allows the ability to further customise or change before sending; bulk inviting new users will automatically receive the template from step 2

Please Note: this template only applies to Internal Users, to customise the invitation message for Supplier Portal users, please see this article.