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How to save 7.5 hours per week with Gatekeeper


Managing large volumes of contracts doesn't have to be time-consuming when you have the right technology in place.

In our latest webinar we took attendees through some of the latest Gatekeeper features designed to help save valuable time. 

Our webinar covered how to:

  • Rapidly build a comprehensive, searchable Contract Repository
  • Automate & delegate your processes to remove repetitive admin
  • Use Gatekeeper's range of dashboards to give universal visibility

Webinar Q&A

Q: Is eSign an integration with a different tool, or is it your own?

A: Gatekeeper eSign is a native tool. When purchasing Gatekeeper, this is included in your subscription - that is, unlimited eSign Admins ("Senders"), eSign Signatories and unlimited eSigned documents.

Q: Is the Employee Portal module the only way to initiate a workflow for end-users?

A: It is not the only way, no!

All Gatekeeper plans come with unlimited Public Forms, which can be used to intake information and initiate workflows. 

These are a great option but the Employee Portal helps further with time-savings by giving users access to their own specific dashboard to check on the progress of their requests. This saves the central team from interruption for these kinds of requests. 

Q: How are these workflows configured?

A: In Gatekeeper, we have some pre-built templates which can be used as simple "best practice" examples. However, for most Gatekeeper clients, this forms a cornerstone of the onboarding journey.

We work with you to configure the workflows to meet your business processes and continue working with you and the wider teams through testing, training and rollout. We find that the time invested here is what really drives the time-savings later, as the more that can be automated the better. 

Q: Is AI Extract an extra cost or limited in some way? 

A: No, AI Extract is included in all plans and unlimited.

We do offer an optional 'Managed AI Extract' Service run by our in-house LegalOps team. So if you don't have the resource to extract your legacy contracts with your own resource, please get in touch to discuss.

Q: Are the functionalities/ features being presented 'out of the box'?

A: The features shown are a mixture of both - the repository, eSign, workflow engine, AI Extract & dashboards are all part of the core solution and are available "out of the box". The Employee Portal is an add-on module available on all plans.

Q: Can you describe Gatekeeper's existing APIs in support of popular out of the box data integrations?

A: This is quite a broad question. We've got full documentation on the Gatekeeper API available via your portal or from your Customer Success Manager. If you're not yet a Gatekeeper customer, this can be provided to you on request. Our most recent dedicated integration is with NetSuite, which we launched in September so reach out to your Gatekeeper contact if that's of specific interest.

Q: When a contract is fully signed through eSign does the supplier automatically receive a copy of the signed document?

A: Yes, all signatories will receive a copy of the signed document over email. Further, the signed document will also be stored against the contract record automatically.

Q: Does Gatekeeper have an option to post comments and/or tracked changes to contract content, much like working in Google Docs?
The eNegotiate feature in Gatekeeper provides this at two levels.

First, when users submit new drafts, their top-level comments are stored against the file's "Version History" for audit purposes.

Second, leveraging Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" the versions users access via eNegotiate will have document "Comments" (similar to Google Docs).

Additionally, Gatekeeper is working on integrating a new MS Online editing tool, allowing users to access eNegotiate files for redlining in-app (i.e. without having to open in Word!).

Q:  Are Contract Templates already available?

A: Yes! Contract Templates are available for configuration in Gatekeeper right now. You may find walkthrough articles on this by searching the Gatekeeper Help Docs

It is advisable to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set these up in a conjunction with an eNegotiate workflow.

Q: Will Gatekeeper work for Employment contracts, supplier Contracts, and Customer contracts?

A: Yes, Gatekeeper will work for all kinds of contracts, offering a range of categorisation options to help with keeping them organised and advanced permissioning to maintain security and confidentiality. 

Q: What is the typical cost in using Gatekeeper service?

A: All Gatekeeper pricing is transparent and published on our pricing page