Hubspot Integration Guide

Learn how to connect Gatekeeper to HubSpot CRM to keep your Deals & Contracts in sync

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Enabling the Integration

Automatically Added Custom Fields

Selecting a deals pipeline

Choosing When to Create Contracts

Mapping Deal Statuses

Setting Contract & Vendor Default Values

Integrating Workflows

Using Triggers to Automatically Start a Gatekeeper Workflow

Using Workflow AutoActions to Sync Back to Hubspot


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If you want to keep your HubSpot CRM and Gatekeeper CLM in sync, this integration allows you to connect them so that data can seamlessly flow between the two systems.


The Standard data flow of this integration is:

For new Deals:

HubSpot Deals (with associated Company)

➡️ Push new Contracts (& Company) into Gatekeeper

After the Initial Connection:

HubSpot Deals can:

➡️ Push updates to the linked Contract in Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper Contracts can also

➡️ Push updates back to the linked Deal in HubSpot


This integration can also be embedded into important processes such as Deals Pipelines and Contracting Workflows, as shown in the video below.





Configuring the Integration  ⚙️


Part 1 - Enabling the Integration

Step 1) In Settings > Configuration > HubSpot, switch the setting to Enabled

Step 2) Hit Connect

This will open a the page in HubSpot to authorise Gatekeeper connection

Step 3) Select the account to connect & grant the integration the necessary permissions



Fields Automatically Added to your Data Model

After completing this connection, Gatekeeper will add some new Custom Metadata fields to your data model:

Records Field Field Types Details
Contracts HubSpot ID Single line text

The HubSpot ID of the Deal which connects to the Contract Record

This field can only be set by the API

(i.e. it will be automatically set by the Integration)

HubSpot Negotiation Status


Awaiting Resource Closed:Lost     
Contract Generated     
eSign | Cancelled     eSign | Fully Executed
Negotiation | External  
Negotiation | Internal    
On Hold     

This is a list of all possible negotiation stages you may wish to capture


This field will be the default Gatekeeper field which maps to Deal Stage in Hubspot so you may want to edit these options to match the stages of your HubSpot Workflow

HubSpot Sync Status




This represents that status of the connection between the Contract in Gatekeeper & the Deal in HubSpot


This field can only be set by the API

Suppliers HubSpot ID Single line text

The ID of the "Company" in HubSpot

This field can only be set by the API

Users HubSpot ID Single line text

The ID of the "Contact" in HubSpot

This field can only be set by the API




Part 2 - Select the Sales Pipeline to Connect

If you have multiple Deal Pipeline workflows in HubSpot, you should select the pipeline you wish to sync across to Gatekeeper as Contract Records

Step 1) Still in Settings > Configuration > HubSpot, open the HubSpot pipeline field

Step 2) Select the deals pipeline you wish to connect with Gatekeeper

Step 3) Hit ✅ Save at the bottom of the page



Part 3 - Choose "Deal Starting" Stage

This is the stage at which you consider a "Deal" in HubSpot to be ready to sync to Gatekeeper as a "Contract" (& Supplier) record

Step 1) Still in Settings > Configuration > HubSpot, open the HubSpot Deal starting stage field

Step 2) Select the phase of your Hubspot Deals Workflow where you would like Gatekeeper to pull the deal over as a Contract

Step 3) Hit ✅ Save at the bottom of the page




Part 4 - Mapping statuses between Gatekeeper & Hubspot

As mentioned above, Gatekeeper will create & map a field named HubSpot Negotiation Status to your HubSpot Deal Stage

By default, the pre-mapped stages are:

Closed:Lost ↔️ Closed Lost

Closed:Won ↔️ Closed Won

If you want more granular updates, you can map additional Status/Stages so users viewing records in HubSpot have a more precise indication of the Deal Contracting Stage!


Step 1) In Settings > Configuration > HubSpot, go to the "Contract to Deal Mapping" section

Step 2) Hit ➕ Add Mapping

Step 3) Select the Gatekeeper Status (left hand side) which should be connected with a HubSpot Deal Stage (right hand side)

Step 4) Hit ✅ Save to store this new mapping


Part 5 - Setting Contract & Vendor "Defaults"

When creating Contract & Vendor records, there are some fields which are mandatory in Gatekeeper for which you need to populate "default values"

If these Contract & Vendor details will always be fixed since the HubSpot deal workflow is for a single contract type, great! The defaults you set here will work fine

If these details may vary between deals, you may want to set "placeholder"/"TBD" values which can be updated during a Gatekeeper workflow


Step 1) In Settings > Configuration > HubSpot, go to the "Contract Defaults" & "Vendor Defaults" sections

Step 2) Alongside the core fields, click the dropdown boxes to amend the field values for new records which are created in Gatekeeper from HubSpot deals

Step 3) Hit ✅ Save to store these new values




Connecting HubSpot with Gatekeeper Workflows  🔀

Due to the nature of how Gatekeeper Workflows can be automated, you can set one up with the purpose of seamlessly connecting your HubSpot Deals Pipeline with a Gatekeeper Contract Workflow

As Cards progress through the Gatekeeper Workflow, you can use AutoActions to update the HubSpot deal when the Contract hits key milestones


*If you do not want to set up this interaction between HubSpot Deal workflows and Gatekeeper Contract Workflows, you can simply map the HubSpot Deal starting stage as "Closed Won" & set the Contract Defaults Statuses to Live & Approved


Using a Trigger to start a Gatekeeper Workflow

When Contracts are created in Gatekeeper, the HubSpot Negotiation Status will automatically be populated based on the Deal Stage you have mapped (see above)

You can use this populated value to automatically open a new workflow card for the Contract

Step 1) Head to your Contract Setup workflow & click the edit menu

Step 2) Click the Workflow Triggers menu

Step 3) Add a New Trigger

Step 4) Hit Add Condition to select the HubSpot Negotiation Status & associated value to start the workflow

Step 5) Set the Trigger Status to Live


Using AutoActions to Sync Records back to HubSpot

Once your Contract has completed all the necessary legal reviews & execution steps in Gatekeeper, you can configure a workflow to automatically set the HubSpot Negotiation Status so that the deal back in HubSpot will update to reflect the real life progress

Part 1 - Preliminary Step: Adding HubSpot Negotiation Status to your Workflow Form

Step 1) Click to edit the Start Phase of your Workflow

Step 2) Go to the Form tab

Step 3) Scroll to the bottom of the page & hit Add Section

Step 4) Enter the below details then hit ✅ Save

Section Name: "Addition Contract Details"

Predefined: Contract

Custom Data Group: Contract Data

Step 5) This section may not actually require user-input, so to avoid clutter, it should be hidden from any phase where it is not needed


NB. If your Workflow already has this section in the form, you can add in the new HubSpot field like this:


Part 2 - Configuring Automatic Updates to HubSpot Values

Step 1) Click to edit the "Done" phase* of your Contract workflow

Step 2) Go to the Actions tab

Step 3) If not already enabled, enable ☑️ AutoAction: Update Contract

Step 4) Hit Edit AutoAction Values

Step 5) Set your HubSpot Negotiation Status to the appropriate deal stage now that the contract is executed**

* A Done phase is standard but if you have other minor administrative tasks to complete before your workflow is complete, you may want to configure this AutoAction on another phase towards the end of your workflow


** You should also verify that this status has been mapped between Gatekeeper & HubSpot as per the ⬆️ earlier section of this guide ⬆️




FAQ  💬


Q: What happens if a sync fails?

A: HubSpot will display the error message returned by Gatekeeper like below:

You should aim to remedy the issue within the HubSpot or Gatekeeper environment

i.e. in the above example, a new currency should be added to Gatekeeper

After correcting the issue, you can use the Actions menu to retry the sync


Q: Do we need to use HubSpot Negotiation Status as the Gatekeeper field for deal stage mapping?

A: No! If you want to configure a different field for this purpose, you can!

It just needs to be a dropdown type field so as to have directly-mappable values to your HubSpot deal stages


Q: Can we map other fields between the Deal and the Contract?

A: Currently the only configurable mapped field is the HubSpot Negotiation Status ↔️ Deal Stage

By default, Gatekeeper will populate the below fields using data from HubSpot:


Name - taken from the Deal name

Annual Value - taken from Amount

Currency - also taken from Amount

Start Date - this uses the Create Date of the Deal

End Date - this uses the Close Date of the Deal


Name - Taken from the name of the Company

Registered Address - Taken from the various HubSpot address fields (street address / city / state region / postal code)

Website - taken from Website URL



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