Inviting Suppliers to the Supplier Portal

Discover all possible ways external contacts can be added to your Gatekeeper environment!

The Supplier Portal (or "Vendor" Portal) is a Supplier management solution that allows you to collaborate with your Suppliers in a secure online environment. This article describes how GK Users can invite a Supplier User to the Supplier Portal.


Inviting Manually

If you already have a Supplier record and want too add a new user for them, you can do this manually:

  1. Navigate to your chosen Supplier record & hit Add > Supplier User

2. In the Add Supplier User screen, populate the below details


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Role 
    • Administrator: This Supplier user can add and edit Supplier information in the Portal for approval and add other Supplier users for their organisation.
    • Editor: This Supplier user can upload and edit Supplier information in the Portal for approval.
    • Collaborator: This Supplier user can respond to Messages and complete Events assigned to them but cannot add or edit Supplier information.


  • Job Title - this is useful to populate if you wish to send documents for eSign
  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Profile Picture

3. To provide access for the user to log into the Supplier Portal, you must tick the ☑️ Invite into Gatekeeper option

If you are not ready to begin collaborating with this user yet, you can leave this option unchecked and hit ✅ Save to store the user details.

You can then come back and edit this user to invite them in later!

When inviting the supplier user, you will see a preview of the message which will be sent to the user within their invitation email:

It is possible to edit this message text in the preview box (in case there is any additional context & guidance you wish to provide)

A better way to configure this message text is to set a new custom default Supplier Portal Invitation message. More information can be found within the article Configuring the Supplier Portal.

4. When you have ticked the ☑️ Invite into Gatekeeper option, hit ✅ Save to send this invitation to the user

This will change the profile status to "Pending" until they have accepted the invitation. Once they accept the invitation & log in, the status will be updated to "Active"


💡 Pro Tip: You can use this Invitation action to trigger a workflow process. Once the Supplier User accepts their invitation, the trigger will fire, creating a workflow card for them to complete

See also: 📖 Configuring Workflow Triggers


Self Registration

In Supplier Portal Settings, you can enable Self Registration.

Switching on this module setting means you can share the Supplier Portal link with users to either Log In (if they have already been added) or Register, creating a User Profile & Supplier Record:


💡 Pro Tip: You can use this Self Registration action to trigger a workflow process

Once the Supplier User completes the above 2-part registration form, the trigger will fire, creating a workflow card for them to continue the rest of your onboarding process

See also: 📖 Configuring Workflow Triggers


Honorable Mention - Touchless Contracts

Touchless Contract Workflows Forms do allow suppliers to self-register their own company record and user profile

However, this functionality is not aimed at Vendor-orientated processes but is preferably utilised for getting Contracts generated & eSigned

Upon registering, they will not be automatically invited to the supplier portal (unless you leverage the Workflow Functionality to automatically invite suppliers to the portal)

Suppliers Adding Colleagues

If a Supplier User has been granted the Role of Administrator, they will be able to add other users to the portal themselves by hitting Manage Contacts from within their Supplier Portal:

NB. When these additional users are added, if they should be allowed to collaborate on workflow forms, the Form Access setting will need to be set to "All Suppliers Users"


For adding users within a workflow form, see Adding Supplier Users on a Workflow

What happens next?

Once the Supplier User has been created they will receive the below email. Included is the message you composed in the previous steps with a green Activate Account button. The new Supplier user must click this button to activate their account, they will be redirected to a GK page where they will be asked to set a password.

Once the account is activated the Internal Gatekeeper user who created the account will receive a notification email advising that the Supplier User has accepted the invitation.

The Supplier user can now login to the Supplier Portal.

For more information on the Supplier Portal see the Supplier Portal Overview

Other Supplier User Interactions (outside the Supplier Portal)


See Configuring eNegotiate to see how you can involve Supplier Users in your contract drafting processes


See eSigning a Document & Delegating eSign for information on how Suppliers can interact via Gatekeeper's eSign solution


See Event Emails for information on how notifications can be sent to external users