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How to add Market IQ Financial to a Vendor

  1. Within a vendor record, click the 'Market IQ' tab, then 'Market IQ Financial' sub tab

    MIQ Financial
  2. Click the 'Add Market IQ Financial to this Vendor' button

    Note: Ensure the Vendor's Legal Name, Registered Address and Company Number are populated to ensure accurate results. 

  3.  Review the correct Company Name and information from the list of results and click 'Apply'. A confidence score is returned in the case of multiple results. 
    1. If no results are found, you can click 'fill the form manually' to update the Vendor details and search again. 

      MIQ Financial 2

  4. The Market IQ Financial tab is now populated.

Understanding Market IQ Financial Metrics

  • Credit Rating
    Ranking companies by their likelihood of going β€˜bad’ allows for further and more insightful decisions. A company not only has a score, but this score can also be compared with other businesses of the same industry or other similar-sized entities. 
  • Credit Rating Description
    A descriptive rating as shown in the below table, used to accommodate the Credit Rating score.

    Credit Rating Credit Rate Description
    A Very Low Risk
    B Low Risk
    C Moderate Risk
    D High Risk
    E Very High Risk
  • Credit Limit

    The credit limit is our recommendation of the total amount of credit that should be outstanding at one time. 

    It is estimated using the β€˜Risk Weighting’ and key balance sheet figures for companies that file accounts; or using other non-financial information for companies which do not. 

    The maximum credit limit for companies is determined by these factors:  

    • For a Public Limited Company (PLC) scored 30 and above: $50m 
    • For a non-PLC company scored 30 and above: $1m 
    • For all companies scored below 30: $0
  • Local Score
    The local score is an easy-to-use method of segmentation. The connection between the likelihood of becoming insolvent (fail) and the 5 scoring bands are matched to real-world statistics, allowing  for a meaningful classification of credit risk. This classification of credit risk does not depend on population percentages, but on population percentages of failure. 
  • Historical Performance
    The local score is plotted over a timeline, dependent on the historical availability of data for the Vendor. This helps to spot trends and make an informed decision about a Vendor's stability. 

  • Full Credit Report 
    The full credit report from CreditSafe contains a wide range of company and associated credit and financial performance metrics depending on the country of registration of the Vendor.

    It is automatically updated with any changes detected against the Market IQ metrics and each version is stored within a Market IQ folder in the files area of the Vendor record.

  • Registered Address Location
    A visual map and street view of the Vendor's registered address. 

How to remove a linked Market IQ Vendor

In order to remove a Vendor already linked to Market IQ Financial, in the event of a miss-matched Vendor or if you no longer wish to track the Vendor's performance, simply scroll to the bottom of the Market IQ Financial page and click 'Remove Synchronisation with CreditSafe'

International business credit checks

Currently, Market IQ Financial gives you access to comprehensive financial and business information on companies from the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America