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Gatekeeper's Market IQ Screen is integrated with Creditsafe Protect, a business screening tool designed to safeguard businesses from financial crime and reputational damage. This solution provides comprehensive international ID verification and anti-money laundering (AML) screening capabilities. 

The data from Market IQ Screen is sourced from the LexisNexis WorldCompliance database. LexisNexis uses a vast and constantly-changing number of sources to build this database.

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How to add Market IQ Screen to a Vendor

  1. Within a vendor record, click the 'Market IQ' tab, then 'Market IQ Screen' sub tab.

  2. Click the the 'Add Market IQ Financial to this Vendor' button.

    Note: Ensure the Vendor's Legal Name, Registered Address and Company Number are populated to ensure accurate results. 

  3.  Review the correct Company Name and information from the list of results and click 'Apply'. A confidence score is returned in the case of multiple results. 
    1. If no results are found, you can click 'fill the form manually' to update the Vendor details and search again.

  4. The Market IQ Screen tab is now populated. There is a green button that will take you directly into the Creditsafe platform to view the full report.



How to pull the Creditsafe Vendor report

Once you click to view the vendor in Creditsafe, you will be prompted to enter your Creditsafe credentials if you are not already signed in.

Here, you'll land on the Compliance Alerts tab where you'll be provided some key pieces of information:

  • Total # of Compliance Alerts
  • Company level alerts
  • Individual alerts
  • Holding company alerts

You can click the View Results button to learn more about each alert. 

To see the full LexisNexis report:

  1. Click on any of the View Results
  2. Select the item(s) you want a report on. 
    1. You can use the dropdown arrow to see additional information and view additional comments about the alert.
  3. Click Download Reports.
    1. A full LexisNexis "Result Summary Report" and "Record Report" will be generated for the items you previous selected.  This report includes the Created Date which is useful for any audits, company information as seen in Creditsafe, additional comments/details, and sources.

Once you have the report downloaded, it is a best practice to upload it into your Files tab of the Vendor back in Gatekeeper so you have it saved for future references.


How to remove a linked Market IQ Vendor

In order to remove a Vendor already linked to Market IQ Screen, in the event of a miss-matched Vendor or if you no longer wish to track the Vendor's performance, simply scroll to the bottom of the Market IQ Financial page and click 'Remove Synchronisation with CreditSafe'.



Q: Where does the Creditsafe Protect data come from? 

A: The data is sourced from LexisNexis WorldCompliance database. LexisNexis uses a vast and constantly-changing number of sources to build this database.


Q: How many (Creditsafe Protect) Compliance Credits do Gatekeeper Market IQ Financial customers get, and what is the cost of purchasing more?

A: All Gatekeeper MIQ Financial customers can have Compliance Search access enabled within their Creditsafe account (we must specify this access on account creation, and can ask for existing customers to now have this functionality enabled).

Q: What if I have more than one company or person that I want to screen?

A: You can bulk import a list of companies or individuals through Creditsafe Protect for batch screening. 


Q: Which companies are using/have used Creditsafe Protect? 

A: Scania, Shutterstock, CocaCola, Speedy, Mastercard, Adidas, Nestle, Nespresso, Novartis, Panasonic, Tata Steel, Lukoil, The Royal Mint, PayPal, Amazon, BMW, DHL, Carlsberg, CAT Financial, Pinterest, Sasol, Volvo, Merrill, AkzoNobel.

Q: Do I need new credentials for MIQ Screen?
A: No, MIQ Screen is using the same credentials to connect to CreditSafe.


Q: Does MIQ Screen come with the same features as MIQ Financial?
A: No, for the MVP version, MIQ Screen does not have workflow triggers, it does not display any data in the vendor profile or any table (supplier, relationships, etc.) since it does not pull any data.


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