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Configuring & Using the Feature

Enabling the Module

Manually Prompt Contract Summaries

Bulk-Prompt Contract Sumaries

Automatically Prompt Contract Summaries

AI Summaries in eSign Emails


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Gatekeeper has teamed up with OpenAI, the organisation behind Chat GPT-4, to bring increased clarity to your users.

For many of the users logging in to Gatekeeper, reading contract documents and understanding the legal terminology may not be easy tasks to perform.

Our Contract Summary can help bridge the gap so users can get a short and easy-to-understand summary of a contract.



Configuring & Using the Module


Part 1 - Enabling the module

Step 1) Go to Settings > Configuration

Step 2) Click to open the OpenAI - Contract Summary menu

Step 3) Switch the setting from Disabled to Enabled


πŸ‘‹ Please read the disclaimer on this configuration page before switching it on to confirm that

a) You are happy with the accuracy of the summaries, and

b) That it fits with any Data Privacy standards held by your organisation 



Part 2 - Prompting Gatekeeper to Show a Summary

Summaries will show for Contract records where an attached file has been set as the "Master Record"

πŸ’‘ Gatekeeper uses gpt-3.5-turbo-16k as the integration tool

As such, this summary will only work for Master Record files of a certain size:


β€’ For 0 - 10,000 word contracts, the Summary will generate as expected

β€’ For 10,000 - 20,000 word contracts, the Summary will display for the first 10,000 words

β€’ For contracts over 20,000 words, Gatekeeper will show the below message:

"The associated Master Record file was too large for summarisation"


There are a few ways to set a Master Record:

Manually setting the Master record

Step 1) Go to a contract record

Step 2) Open the Files tab

Step 3) Alongside the desired PDF file, hit  then Edit

Step 4) Check β˜‘οΈ Master Record, then hit βœ… Update


Bulk Setting the Master Record


If you have been storing contracts and documents in Gatekeeper for some time, but have not been setting the "Master Record", performing the above steps for each of your contracts may take a long time.

If this is the case, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager (or contact our Customer Success Team).

πŸ’‘ Your Gatekeeper CSM can run a task to bulk-set Master Records for you.

The "Bulk-assign Master Record" task will only work for Contract Records with a single PDF document attached.

While this may not work for all of your Contract Records and Files, it could certainly work for a sizeable chunk.

After that, you could use the Master Record field in the repository view to find the remaining records, which need to be manually updated:


Setting the Master Record for future Contracts


The above steps show how to manually set the Master Record for Contract documents.

However, this is not necessarily the most scalable or dependable method for using this feature.

This is why we enable you to set this automatically via our Workflows engine.

When using eNegotiate, Gatekeeper will automatically set a document which has been created, negotiated & signed via a workflow as the "Master Record" for the Contract record associated with it on the workflow!

If you currently do not have a workflow in place for creating, negotiating or signing your new contracts, you can use one of our Best Practice Templates.



Summaries in eSign Emails ✍️


If Gatekeeper has generated an AI Summary for your contract record, when you send an associated document for eSign, Gatekeeper will include this summary in the email to your Internal signatories:



πŸ‘‹ If you are using a workflow to Create & eSign your master record you should be aware that, once you have a PDF master record, it may take a few minutes for Gatekeeper to generate the AI Summary

Therefore, in some cases your eSign emails may not contain an AI Summary if you send them out for signatures straight after creating the PDF!




FAQ πŸ’¬


Q: Does the Contract Summary feature use OpenAI’s ChatGPT or ChatBot functionality?

A: No, it uses the OpenAI TL;DR function to summarise contract content.

Q: Where does the data processing take place from a geographical perspective?

A:  By enabling the Contract Summary feature, you agree to comply with OpenAI's terms and policies, including transferring your data to their servers located in the United States. 


Q: How is my data protected?

A: We have the appropriate data processing agreements in place with OpenAI and have implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect all data.


Q: Will OpenAI share my data for any purposes other than to provide me with contract summaries?

A: No. OpenAI's API Terms of Service stipulate that any data sent through the API belong to the client, and OpenAI will not use or share that data for any purposes other than to provide the requested service.

I have uploaded a file and set it as the Master Record, but can't see any summary. Why?

A: Our OCR text extraction job is not instantaneous. Depending on the size of the file, it may take a few minutes after uploading for the OCR text (and therefore Contract Summary) to be ready.

Q: Will this work for other languages than English?

A: Yes, it will work for languages using the Latin alphabet.

Cyrillic characters cannot be read correctly by our OCR tool, therefore we cannot provide contract summaries with the extracted text of a contract document.

N.B. these summaries will be translated back to English when being displayed in Gatekeeper.

Can we include this summary in areas other than the contract Data tab? e.g. workflows/emails/list views?

A: Currently, the data tab is the only location you can view the Contract Summary.

If this is an important feature for you, please upvote/add context to the below Idea:

πŸ’‘ Ideas Forum: Add OpenAI to more locations


Q: If I don't like the summary, can I generate a new one?

A: We do not have an in-built option for this, however, it can be achieved with just a few clicks:

Step 1) (Temporarily) Change the Master Record to another file

Step 2) Download the original Master Record file

Step 3) For the original master record, click New Version and upload the version you just downloaded

Step 4) Now set this back to being the Master Record

➑️ Gatekeeper will assume the new version you uploaded is genuinely a new document and re-extract the text and pass this to OpenAI, leading to a new Contract Summary.

If this is an important feature for you, please upvote/add context to the below Idea:

πŸ’‘ Ideas Forum: Regenerate Summary


Q: OpenAI's ChatGPT is banned in my country. Can I still use this feature?

A: Certain countries have banned the use of ChatGPT due to national security. Governments might consider AI technologies like ChatGPT to be a potential national security risk, particularly if used maliciously or in ways that might destabilise social order or political systems.

Whilst we appreciate that this news can be concerning, it in no way impacts our use case for the integration. We have disabled the feature by default so that you may make the decision as to whether or not to use the technology.


Q: If I change my mind and disable the feature, will Gatekeeper and/or OpenAI retain my contract summaries?

A: When the feature is disabled, any summaries will be purged from Gatekeeper.

OpenAI's version of your contract data will also not be stored past the point of creating your AI Summary.

Our legal disclaimer explains this in more detail:

OpenAI’s API Terms of Service stipulate that any data sent through the API belong to you, and OpenAI will not use or share that data for any purposes other than to provide you with the requested service.

OpenAI also states that they will not retain or use any data you send through the API for longer than necessary to provide the service or as required by law



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