"Personalised" Touchless Contracts™ Links

Adding extra utility to your automated Vendor & Contract setup workflow



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Using a Personalised Link




Introduction to Touchless Forms

Touchless Contract workflows allow you to automate one of the major initial hurdles in maintaining a CMS: compiling the initial metadata when setting up new relationships and simplifying the contract setup process

With the creation of a Touchless Form, external contacts can self-register their Vendor Record and User Profile while previewing and agreeing to a set of your legal terms (usually an "NDA" or "Terms of Service")

All you need to share with them is a touchless link, like this example

For Background on this feature, see our webinar

▶️ Gatekeeper Touchless Contracts™



The "Personalisation" Feature

There is an extra dimension which can be added to these automated forms to enhance internal ownership within your CMS

If you have Vendor & Contract Managers who want to maintain visibility on their relationships & agreements, the ability to assign Contract Owners & Vendors Owners is a core piece of functionality you should leverage in the Gatekeeper system

💡 Being listed as an owner influences which records you can see, the content of your dashboards and even your involvement in workflow processes (such as Contract Renewals/Due Diligence Assessments)

To assist with this, Touchless Workflow Forms can be enhanced to embed the Internal Owner for each new contract from the very start of the process.


What it does

When you create a Personalised Touchless link for a user, this will generate a new unique url for the same Touchless Workflow Form. Therefore, when one of these new links are used by Vendors to initiate a contract request, the Internal Contract Owner can be dynamically assigned based on the user that prompted the submission (i.e. the user associated with the unique link)

Without this, you would need to assign a generic owner for all incoming touchless contracts, which could work fine. However, it doesn't provide the same caliber of responsibility & stakeholder oversight as a personalised link!



🛠 Configuration 🛠

Configuring a 🔗 Personalised Touchless Link 🔗

Step 1) Head to Start Phase of your Touchless Form workflow

Step 2) Hit Edit This Phase

Step 3) Head to the Form Access tab

Step 4) Hit Manage Personal Links, followed by ➕Add Personal Link

Step 5) Begin typing to create personalised links for specific users


Step 5) Hit Select All to create a personalised link for every user in your Gatekeeper environment

Step 6) Hit ✅ Save

Once created, these new links are immediately ready to copy & send for use!



Configuring the ⚙️AutoAction ⚙️

💡 When using a Touchless Contract form to initiate a workflow, you may have configured AutoAction later in the workflow to set the Internal Contract Owner

Without the ability to make this owner dynamic, previously you may have set this to be a fixed user (i.e. the Lead contracts manager for this agreement type)

However, now you will be able to use a dynamic owner which Gatekeeper will attempt to assign before your "fixed" user!

Step 1) Find your workflow phase where the Contract Metadata Record is created

Step 2) Click to Edit the Phase

Step 3) Head to the Actions tab

Step 4) Under ⚙️AutoAction | Create Contract, click Edit AutoAction Values

Step 5) Next to Internal Owner, tick the ☑️ checkbox to take use Card Creator for the metadata value

Step 6) Hit ✅ Save

💡 NB. If you still set a fixed value for this Internal Owner field, Gatekeeper will only use it if no "Card Creator" value can be found - you can think of it as a "Backup" owner








Using Personalised Links


Accessing (& sharing) as a Workflow Admin 🧑‍💻

As a Workflow Administrator, you can copy them to your clipboard from the Form Access tab of your Start Phase within the Workflow configuration screens.


After creating these links, they will never change for your users.

Therefore, after sharing, you should advise your users to save these somewhere easily accessible (like a bookmark in their browser!)


Copying from Employee Portal 🔗

If using Employee Portal, users with a personalised link will see this on their own Submit Requests dashboard

From here they can hit COPY LINK to save the URL to their clipboard so it can be pasted into:

  • An email message
  • A chat app like Slack/Whatsapp/MS Teams
  • Their email footer


Sending From Employee Portal 📩

Also in Employee Portal, users can hit SEND TO

This will pop up a text box where you can enter the email address of the Vendor user you wish to generate & sign a touchless contract:


This will send an email like below: