Product Release Update - March 2024

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1. Tag Form Fields in Workflow Messaging

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Workflow Messages can now include #-tags to reference fields from the Workflow Form, allowing collaborators to navigate directly to any form section being discussed!


For more information, see 📖 Workflow Messaging


2. Gatekeeper Status Page

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With our new Status Page, you can receive updates on Gatekeeper's service status and get advanced notice of upcoming product updates, including any scheduled downtime.

Status Page Here 🔗




3. Spend Module Annual Period: Custom 12 Months Pro-Rata'd

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With our Module for tracking Expenditure on your Vendor contracts, you can now set a pro-rata'd calculation period to specify which spend records will be included in your Dashboards & Summaries





We also think you'll love ❤️


NetSuite: Map any Custom Date Fields

You can now map any date field for your Vendors from Gatekeeper to NetSuite, allowing for a more thorough connection of the data you hold in both systems


Autobuild Vendor from URL

Adding vendors directly to your repository? Now you can leverage our native integration with Clearbit to populate some of the Vendor Core details for you!


See 📖 Adding a Vendor via the User Interface for more information


API filter by custom date fields 

You can now get greater control on the data you export via the Gatekeeper API

If you want to export specific sets of Suppliers or Contracts, you can use custom fields to filter the records returned via the API: