Publishing a Contract Draft - Convert MS Word to PDF

Once a card with a contract draft has transitioned to a phase where the 'Publish Contract Draft & Convert MS Word to PDF' action is enabled, an email notification will be sent to the owner of that phase (see Configuring Workflow Notifications). You can click through the 'View Form' button within the email to view the card within the workflow.

Within the workflow you can click the β€˜Publish to PDF’ button to convert the MS Word document to a PDF in Gatekeeper and Publish the finalised PDF document.

Note: The 'Convert MS Word to PDF' action is best suited for simple documents which have less complex formatting. For larger, more complexly formatted documents, the Upload PDF action is better suited, enabling you to upload PDF documents in the correct format directly to Gatekeeper. 

Note: You can also use the Upload PDF Action to Publish a finalised Contract Draft.

This would normally complete the eNegotiate section of the workflow and would be ready to transition to an eSign or End phase