Spend Module Introduction

The Spend module allows you to import, analyse, and manage spending against vendor and contract records.

This add-on feature of Gatekeeper leverages your Accounts Payable (AP) data to compare forecast to actual spend against supplier and contract records, delivering valuable business insights.

Once Spend data has been imported or integrated, the Spend Dashboard provides powerful and interactive visualisations of data items with the ability to drill down into the detailed reports that drive all widgets.

Gatekeeper 2019-11-28 11-47-06

Spend data can be imported from flat file formats, added via the user interface or integrated with any major third party Financial and/or ERP systems.

Some of the 220 integrations supported by Gatekeeper

Spend data is consumed at an invoice line level and can be linked down to an individual contract level, if required.

Example spend data against a single contract

Spend data is also visible from the Data tab of each relevant Supplier record, including the Grand Total Spend across all associated contracts. 

Monosnap 2020-02-27 15-44-35

Spend can also be linked to reseller relationships, which support both direct and indirect spend reporting by supplier. 

Example dashboard showing forecast and actual spend and direct vs indirect spend


If you are interested in this add on feature, please contact us via sales@gatekeeperhq.com to schedule a demo.