Starting a Scorecard Survey

This article intends to explain how to begin a Scorecard Survey, as well as closing a Scorecard Survey.

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Starting a Scorecard Survey

To start your first survey you can do so by clicking on the β€˜Click to start’ link in the survey section

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Complete the required fields and click β€˜Start’:

  • Period: This is the time period you wish to survey for
  • Deadline: This is the time that the survey must be completed by
  • Primary Dimensions: This lists the primary dimensions in this scorecard survey (it is not editable in this popup)
  • Target Suppliers: This lists the suppliers associated with this scorecard survey (it is not editable in this popup)
  • Stakeholders: This lists the users that will be notified and requested to complete some or all Primary Dimensions in this scorecard survey (Users within scorecard groups are listed here individually)
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Completing a Scorecard Survey

Once a survey has been started each stakeholder will receive an Email Notification asking them to follow the link and complete the survey form

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The stakeholders will be taken to a survey form where they will be requested to complete the survey for the Primary Dimensions that have been assigned to them.

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You can track the progress of stakeholders completing the survey by clicking on the β€˜View Progress’ button in the survey section. This also allows you to send an email reminder to certain stakeholders that have not yet completed the survey.

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Closing or Cancelling a Survey

Once a Survey has been completed by all users the Scorecard owner will receive an email notification informing them that the survey can now be closed by following the Close Survey link. This will take them to the β€˜Data’ tab for the related scorecard where they can close the survey by clicking on β€˜Close’ in the menu of the survey section.

Note you can also Cancel a survey in this menu if needed.

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