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Success Hours: Structuring a Contract Review Workflow



In this webinar we walk through how to structure a Contract Review process in Gatekeeper.

Along the way, we talk about Workflow Actions, showing how to configure and use Metadata-based actions, as well as Document-based Actions for creating, updating & signing your contracts in a structured & controllable manner.

We also show how & when you can automate these using AutoActions and even discuss some of the integrations available for you to adapt your process to the tools & procedures most familiar to you, your users and even your Vendors.





Supporting Knowledgebase Guidance 📚


Using DocuSign on a Workflow

Learn how to configure & use the DocuSign integration to execute your Contracts

Using Gatekeeper eSign on a Workflow

Learn how to configure & use our native eSign solution to execute your Contracts

Configuring eNegotiate

Learn how to configure the necessary Actions to create, redline, publish & sign a contract document via workflow

eNegotiate Contract Templates

Learn how to configure & upload templates to your Gatekeeper tenant so you can instantly generate customised drafts for new contracts


🛠️ Create Your Own - Internal Contract Request Workflow

Learn how to create and customise the best practice template workflow we explored as our example process in the webinar





Webinar Q&A 💬


Q: Do you plan on adding Adobe as an eSign Integration?

A: Currently, we do not have plans to work on this integration

However, it is on our ideas forum!

If you wish to upvote this, it will push us to prioritise it sooner as well as ensure you are notified when it begins development.

Upvote here ➡️ Ideas Forum: Adobe eSign Integration


Q: How do we enable the DocuSign feature?

A: Connecting Gatekeeper to DocuSign can be done in Settings > Configuration > DocuSign

After you've made this connection, you can enable this on workflows within a phase's Actions tab

If you cannot see a DocuSign configuration menu option, your CSM may need to enable it for your tenant

Contact our CS team here if you need this switching on!


Q: How do we enable Office for the Web?

A: Similar to DocuSign, this feature is available on all Gatekeeper plans but may need to be enabled for your tenant.

Once it is, there is no additional "connection" which needs to be performed, you can start using it to view & edit word documents from the repository and can select it alongside the ☑️ Submit Contract Draft action to enable it as a redlining & negotiation tool in your workflows

As above, you can contact your CSM or follow the link from the previous question to request this be enabled for your tenant


Q: What is the Transitions Diagram feature for?

A: This is a feature for admin users to view an entire workflow's configuration settings for key features such as enabled Actions & Transitions without having to open up the configuration settings for each individual phase

The feature comes with an Export to PNG function so it can also be used to generate a sharable imagine with key stakeholders (and auditors) to explain a process!

To see the Product Release article with details, visit the below page

Product Release - November 2023