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Success Hours: After the Form - Workflow Building




Following on from our Intake Forms webinar, we discuss some of the considerations you should make when building a new process for your Contract or Vendor Management Lifecycle

The topics we cover in this session range from overarching principals of process building to Configurations tips & practices to craft optimised workflows and user experiences





Supporting Knowledgebase Guidance

If you are interested in configuring your workflows with features we explored in the webinar, you can follow along with the live configuration steps of the above recording.

For additional guidance though, we have compiled a list of supporting knowledgebase sections which explain the configuration being used.


FYI Emails to Form Submitters

Workflow Phase SLA "Deadline" Timers


Single Approvals

Parallel Approvals

Conditional Approvals

Conditional Transitions

Conditional Form Visibility





Webinar Q&A


Q: How should I keep users engaged?

A: Daniel addressed this from 3:46 in the webinar (and indeed we called back to it at multiple points over the course of webinar)

As broad as the scope of the question is, we do our best to explore methods to build out workflows which present themselves well to your end users while still meeting all your compliance needs

🧑‍💻 Webinar Sections Discussing the User Experience 🧑‍💻

3:48 How to factor your users into your process during the design, creation & deployment

10:06 How to automate notifications so your end users are kept in the loop (including key topics to ensure they 

28:48 How to convert Simple sequential approvals into Parallel/Conditional Approvals to improve completion times & making tracking & oversight easier


Q: Is it possible to visualize the onboarding flow? i.e. via a flowchart.

That might support overall commitment to the process?

A: Great question. This is actually going to be a key new release from the Gatekeeper Product team in 2023!

The main use case is to assist with the design & assessment of workflow configuration, however you could certainly use it to provide context your end users about what they can expect from a new form submission


Sneak Preview: