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Success Hours: Intake Forms




Intake forms, when designed correctly, can setup an entire Contract or Vendor management process to run smoothly.

By focusing on the input types and the user-experience, we show how and why you should be paying close attention to the structure & appearance of your Contract & Vendor request forms.

In this session, we dived into creating a new intake form; starting from scratch to  build out the form sections, fields, dynamic content, easy-to-use inputs and layouts & guidance!




Supporting Knowledgebase Guidance

If you are interested in building out your own intake form, you can follow along with the live configuration steps of the above webinar.

For additional guidance though, we have compiled a list of supporting knowledgebase sections which explain the configuration being used.


Setting up a Workflow Form

Adding Fields to a Workflow Form

Using "Depends-upon" rules

NB. This article references "Depends upon" rules in the context of Custom Metadata, but the functionality is identical to workflow form data 

Locked & Restricted Fields 

Mandatory / Hidden Fields

Relabel Form Fields


Conditional Form Sections

Embedding Guidance (taking the form of hyperlinks & downloadable documents)

cc Emails

Parallel Approvals





Webinar Q&A

From the questions asked in the Webinar, fortunately, there was only one we did not get time to fully walk through (because the answer would have taken too long)


Q: Can we trigger 2 decisions from one question?

e.g. estimated total $$$

If > $100K go to Vendor Managers for approval

If >$500K go to Vendor Managers and CFO for approval

A: Yes, following steps like the below demo, you can use Intake Form values to drive conditional approvals for your Contract & Vendor requests: