Supplier Portal Controls

The Supplier Portal (or Vendor Portal) is a Supplier management solution that allows you to collaborate with your Suppliers in a secure online environment. This article describes the various Supplier Portal Controls.

Supplier Portal Dashboard

The Dashboard sits at the very front of the Gatekeeper Supplier Portal application. When you log in to the Supplier Portal you will automatically be redirected to the Dashboard.

The Supplier Portal Dashboard is designed to give the Supplier User an overview of all data, events, and notifications that have been sent or shared between themselves and their customer.

The Dashboard features 4 interactive modules:

  • Quick Links Toolbar
  • My Open Forms
  • My Open Events
  • My Messages

Quick Links Toolbar

The Quick Links Toolbar (pictured below) can be found at the very top of the Dashboard. The Quick Links toolbar contains 4 Links:

  • Update Profile
  • Add Contacts
  • Send Message
  • Contact Support

Update Profile

The Update Profile link will direct you to a window entitled Profile Manager (Pictured Below). Within the Profile Manager you will be able to edit your profile data. Profile data is available between GK and the Supplier Portal, any changes will sync between the 2 environments.

The Profile Manager is an excellent utility for keeping contact data up to date.

The following fields are available by default within the Profile Manager:

  • *First Name
  • *Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • Email


Note: Custom Data fields can be added to Profile Manager by your GK Administrator.

The Supplier Portal User can edit or add data to any of the fields featured within Profile Manager.

Add Contacts

The Add Contacts module is a great way for the Supplier to add new contacts and edit or update any existing contacts that have been added to a Supplier Record within GK from the Supplier Portal. This keeps the responsibility on the Supplier side.

At the top of the Add Contacts module you will see a list of Contacts that are currently listed under the Suppliers GK Supplier record.

The Supplier User will have the option to enter data in the following fields when adding a contact:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • Landline
  • Status (Is the account currently Active or Disabled)
  • Last Login

Within the Add Contact module the Supplier can also create a new contact that will be added to GK.

To add a new contact, fill out all mandatory and relevant fields, once complete click the save button.

Send Message

The Send Message module allows a Supplier Portal User to send a message to all internal GK Users and all Users from their company that have been granted Supplier Portal access.

Contact Support

The Contact Support button enables users to submit a Support Ticket to the Gatekeeper Support Team for further assistance. 

My Open Forms

The Open Forms module will display a list of all open forms that are currently linked to the Supplier user.

To read more about Forms click here.

My Open Events

The My Open Events module will display all open and live events that are linked to User.

To read more Events click here.

My Messages

The My Messages module will display any live messages that the Supplier User is currently included in. The User can also filter the My Messages module to display Archived Messages or All Messages (a combined view of Archived and Live messages).

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