Supplier Portal Overview

Supplier Portal Overview

Strengthen your Vendor relationships with a self-service solution for Gatekeeper!

The Supplier Portal (or Vendor Portal) is a Supplier Management Solution that allows you to collaborate with your Suppliers in a secure online environment. Manage your Vendor relationships through a branded Vendor Portal hosted on your own URL. Enable our suite of Vendor management and engagement tools to solve your Vendor Master Data problem.

Vendor Portal Major Features and Benefits:

  • Enhance Vendor Performance

Track and share performance data to enhance Vendor value. Use the Gatekeeper messaging platform to collaborate with your Vendors in a central, searchable archive.

  • Automated Compliance

Automate compliance requirements by leveraging your Vendors to update key data. Enable Vendor feeds data to be automatically alerted on important financial, market and managerial changes.

  • Control Vendor Data Updates

β€˜Integrated Forms’ allow Vendor submissions to safely update key records on Approval.

  • Drive Optimum Value

View your Vendors by category to easily identify consolidation opportunities. Reduce your Vendor tail and build deeper more valuable relationships delivering significant hard and soft savings.

      Now that you have an overview of what the Supplier Portal is capable of it is time to Configure the Supplier Portal and to Invite Users to the Supplier Portal!