The Risk Dashboard

Accessing the Risk Register

Once the Risk Module is enabled, the Risk Dashboard will become available within the Dashboard section of the left hand navigation. 

Selecting this navigates you to the Risk Dashboard itself, where a number of reports and KPIs are presented. As with all reports within Gatekeeper the use of colour is prevalent to depict warnings etc. and all reports can be drilled into to see more of the data beneath. 

Risk Report and KPIs

Within the centre of the Risk Dashboard is the Risks by Supplier chart. This includes any Supplier with at least one open or accepted risk and breaks down all risks, clearly marked by colour into those Low, Medium and High categories. These statuses are automatically generated from the Probability and Impact ratings score against each risk.  

By selecting the bar for a particular supplier you shall be directed to the Supplier section of Gatekeeper and presented all risks. 

Additionally, within the Risk Dashboard are the following Risk Widgets. These provide a view of various cuts of the data to provide a clear visual representation for reporting purposes. Again, these charts can be drilled into for further detail. 

Finally, the Risk Dashboard also provides the user with the Risk Heat Map. This report totals the number of risks across all Probability and Impact ratings to help users quickly understand the current risk profile across the supplier base. 

The Risk Heat Map is calculated based on the Probability multiplied by the Impact

Again, by drilling into the relevant section of the report, a detailed view is provided: