The Risk Register

The Risk Register is provided as part of the Gatekeeper Risk Module and helps provide a visual, editable and searchable view of all risks, adding the suite of Governance, Compliance and Risk (GRC) Management controls the module provides.

Accessing the Risk Register

For customers who have the Risk Module Add-On the configuration controls can be accessed within the Settings area of Gatekeeper. Note, only Administrators with additional Settings privileges have access to this area of Gatekeeper.

Once enabled, the Risk Register will be made available within the left hand navigation:

Selecting this will navigate you to the Risk Register:

By selecting any risk, by clicking on the risk name you will be directed to the Supplier section of Gatekeeper where the full Risk detail is accessible:

Risk Status and Search

Within the Risk Register you have a number of controls, common to Gatekeeper, to filter on and search for relevant risks. All risks are assigned a status of:

  1. Open
  2. Closed
  3. Accepted

And this status can be filtered on to narrow the results presented within the Risk Register:

It is also possible to search for relevant risks and narrow your results that way:


Filter and Configure Your View

Sticky controls are also provided to both narrow down your results, and also provide each user with their own view of the risks.

Persistent Filters

Persistent filters can be added to the Risk Register to drill down to a particular group of risks. Select this icon:

And this pop up shall appear:

Configure Columns

The data columns presented to you within the Risk Register can also be controlled by selecting the Configure Columns icon:

This presents the following pop up, whereby the required columns can be selected and drag and dropped into position.

Top tip, custom fields can also be included within both Persistent Filters and Configure Columns to help create your ideal view of data and remember, the views created are sticky and so will be maintained as you log in and out of Gatekeeper.

Edit and Delete Risks

As an Administrator you are able to both edit and delete risk. Risks can be deleted by selecting the Red Trash can within the Risk Register (a warning will appear before deletion):

To edit, select the

icon and you will be directed the following screen where data can be updated and saved:

Additionally, Risks can be viewed, edited and deleted within the Risk tab of the Supplier record:

Export Risks

As with all data within Gatekeeper, your risk data can be exported. Simply select the following icon:

Add and Configure Risks

To understand more about both configuring risk data and adding it to Gatekeeper please read the following articles.

  1. Configuring The Risk Register
  2. Adding Risk Data via User Interface
  3. Adding Risk Data via Bulk Import